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Gift Jewellery: Tributes to the Real Treasures of Your Life

What is happiness to you?

Happiness can be dancing in the rain. Or, the first perfectly baked cake. It can also be the promotion you worked hard for. Happiness is surely pizza’s cheese melting in the mouth. Life is full of reasons to be happy! The people you love and cherish are one such reason. How can you be happy if that naughty sister, dotting partner, loving daughter or pampering mom were not there in your life?  And these amazing people deserve something special too. What can be better than a special gift?

Wondering what gift you should give? Why not gift the jewels in your life exquisite jewellery they will fall in love with!

BlueStone: Your Ultimate Destination for Buying Gift Jewellery

When you look for trendy gift jewellery online, you will come across hundreds of collections and thousands of trinkets. However, the piece of jewellery you choose for a loved one in your life should be as unique, rare, valuable, and durable as the relationship you share. It should also be made of supreme quality gold and gemstones too. So it’s not enough that you buy a gift. You, on the other hand, should buy it from a jeweller that ticks all the right boxes.

That’s where we come in.

At BlueStone, you can choose from a fabulous range of jewellery our designers have crafted with your dear ones in mind. Want to give him a surprise on his birthday? Looking for the perfect gift for your sister’s wedding? Or do you want to spring a surprise for your loving mom or your little daughter? Our gift jewellery collection has perfect pieces for every occasion.

Trinkets of Joy for Birthdays

Birthdays are the best time to shower a dear one with love and attention. Maybe every year you get cakes, flowers, perfumes, and other gifts for them. This year, make the celebration even sweeter with a twinkling gift. Pick something special from our collection of gift jewellery designs.

Is it your wife’s birthday? Something like the gorgeous Mayurakshi Pendant will definitely delight her. Made of 18kt gold and studded with 133 sparkling diamonds, this pendant will add shine to her persona. The Mayur Earrings and the Alba Earrings also make great gifts for the wonderful woman in your life.

Are you are looking for a birthday present for your mother. The soft glow of the Nuray Earrings can light up her face. Featuring white pearl and diamonds in 18kt gold, this pair of earring is perfect for women from every age group. Do you know what your mother loves to hear most? It is when you call her ‘Maa’ or ‘Mom’. That’s her favourite word. We have a gift for this wonderful woman which will make her eyes well up with joy. Our Ema Ring with the word ‘Mom’ written in diamonds and gold is made just for her.

Charming Gifts for Engagement

Engagement is the most special day for lovers before the wedding. It is the prelude to a lifelong journey of togetherness. For you and your beloved, it is the most thrilling point of your lives. Make this day even more memorable by choosing a unique engagement ring. We understand how busy you have been in making preparations and sending out invites. No need to hustle. You can buy gift jewellery online from our huge selection from the comfort of home!

The Sylvia Ring is one of our bestsellers for women. This 18kt gold ring has a round-cut diamond as the central stone. A halo of small diamonds encircles the central stone, adding to its sparkle. When it comes to engagement gift jewellery, trinity rings are one of the hot trends these days. Such rings typically feature three diamonds or gemstones but may also have additional diamonds, as you can see in the Cyprian Trinity Ring. If you are looking for a single stone ring, go for the Clasped Band for Her or the Love Clasp Ring.

We have exclusive engagement gift jewellery for the menfolk too. For a man who likes simple pieces of jewellery, choose something classy like the Chrysus Ring or the Texere Ring. Both these rings are made of 18kt gold and feature a classic band design with a single diamond right in the centre. Does your man like the sparkle of multiple diamonds? Go for a multi-stone piece, like the Euphoria Band. This ring is made of 18kt white gold, which lends it an unmatched elegance and style.

Delightful Anniversary Presents

Your anniversary is the sum of countless loving memories. Mark it with an excellent gift which your partner can cherish. For a woman who likes floral designs, the Florine Cocktail Ring is a perfect pick. This 18kt gold ring features 15 twinkling diamonds arranged like a pretty flower.

Do you fancy something a little colourful? Go for the Solaris Ring. This halo ring features an oval cut citrine right in the middle, surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds. The Aaral Pendant featuring an oval cut emerald and round cut diamonds is another stunning piece in our gemstone collection. With BlueStone, you can buy gift jewellery designs as unique as your life-partner.

You want to gift your wife something pretty, unique, and stunning. But alas, you cannot buy a ring or a bangle because you don’t know her size.  This is where pendants come in. Our Anaya Pendant is a beautiful gift you can choose for the love of your life. This gold and diamond pendant comes with 40 diamonds which will bring a smile on her face. The Achala Pendant – sleek and trendy, is another bestseller in this collection.

Lovable Valentine’s Day Tokens

A day for soulmates, Valentine’s Day is meant for pampering your counterpart. It demands that you walk the extra mile to please the beloved. Don’t worry. We have the best gift jewellery to do it for you. Many of these pieces are feature the heart motif. After all, what better way to express your emotions than with jewellery featuring the universal symbol of love?

The Samorn Pendant made of a heart-shaped tanzanite and diamonds looks like straight out of a fairytale. Your ladylove will be overjoyed just looking at it. Or, the elegant Nova Earrings can be the apt choice. Minimalistic yet stunning, this earring can be worn throughout the day. A diamond-studded ring featuring two intertwined hearts like the Letizia Ring is not just a gift. It is the warm promise of love that she can wear always.

Each love story is different. So is each design in our collection of gift jewellery. Choose one that best suits your lover and make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one. 

Adorable Gift Jewellery for the Little Ones

Children are blessings in cuddly human forms. They give life a new purpose. No matter how the day goes, looking at their faces can help you forget all worries and grief. We have added many new designs in gift jewellery range just for your little ones.

Look at the Pretty Butterfly Earrings for Kids for example. Its pink sapphires are as cheerful as your tiny princess, don’t you think? Or, the Wishing Star Pendant with a single diamond at the centre can make your prince giggle with glee! Don’t worry about the budget. All our kids’ gift jewellery price is well within reach.

Indulgences for the Men in Your Life

The cool brother, the amazing father and the affectionate husband, you have some great men in life. What will you do without their support and care? Forget occasions. Give the special men in your life a gift of love that doubles as a thank-you note.

Your trendsetter brother will be so stunned if you gift him the chic Etinceler Earring for Him. The Rahel Love Ring with ‘True Love’ engraving can be a suitable gift to woe your dear hubby. Your father has been your idol from childhood. Give him the Excellence Ring studded with blue sapphire and diamonds to tell him that he is still your hero.

Celebrate Your Moments with White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum

Gold – yellow gold, to be more specific – has always been the precious metal we used to mark our special occasions. That trend is slowly changing. Today, you can choose gifts in white gold and rose gold too. Both these are alloys of gold with additional metals added for durability and strength.

One of the unique features of white gold is that it lends your jewellery a contemporary appeal. Take a look our Mystery Lady Bracelet and Master Class Ring. Made of 18kt white gold, both these trinkets feature an array of diamonds for additional sparkle. Rose gold jewellery, on the other hand, exudes a truly quirky charm. The Elegant Tulip Earrings, the Temperate Tulip Earrings, and the Earthy Tulip Pendant are some of the fast-moving rose gold gifts in this collection.

Platinum is the rarest and the most durable metal used for making jewellery. When you are looking for a gift that stands the test of time, go for our platinum pieces like the Candide Love Band for Her or the Spellbound Band for Him.

Still wondering how to buy gift jewellery? Our easy online payment options and free shipping are here for your aid. You can now also take advantage of the home trial facility and check choicest designs before buying them. What are you waiting for?! Start shopping!

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