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Diamond Necklaces for Those Special Occasions

Wearing that unique diamond necklace to a special occasion? Bet you are feeling out of the ordinary and drawing envious glances from the other women. A unique piece of diamond jewellery always draws awe, envy and makes the wearer feel exclusive and special.

There are any numbers of movies around the theme of diamond necklaces – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Titanic, The Pink Panther, Diamonds are Forever, and so on. We even have our very own Dev Anand starred Jewel Thief or the more recent Dhoom series. Diamond jewellery takes on centre stage in these movies and also vocalise, or should we say visualise, the importance and special place these little gems have in our social and cultural lives.

Buy Diamond Necklace Designs from BlueStone

The diamond necklace designs on offer at BlueStone are distinctive and exclusive. You can find necklaces to fit any occasion, big or small, from the diamond necklace catalogue online. These exquisite pieces set with diamonds cut in the all-time favourite round brilliant, or oval cut, princess cut, radiant cut et al should give you the edge on any occasion you feel like flaunting your feminine allure and charm.

Buy Diamond Necklaces Online for Your Every Mood

BlueStone has a number of diamond necklace designs that are classic and winsome. The Milan Aabhushana Necklace is one such design made up of 352 diamonds in a flower-like cluster pattern set in 18kt gold. The Roksana Necklace is a reworked classic design with a circular diamond pattern followed by a tassel detail in 18kt gold and diamonds.

However, most of the designs in the BlueStone diamond necklace section are modernistic. There is a whole alphabet series done up for kids. The alphabet is coupled with an animal or a kid-associated object like strawberry, jokers, flowers, and so on. They have different colour details – silver, pink, brown, red, etc. The overall effect is one of fine-crafted cuteness.

Diamond Necklace Designs for Women

It is not just kids that could opt for cute diamond necklace designs; there are a few patterns for women that might be called dainty and delightful. The Odilia Necklace with a diamond studded silver bird perched atop an 18kt gold branch with diamond leaves is one such. The Lia Line Necklace is another delightful creation with an 18kt gold heart set amidst a line of diamonds. Fashioned like a tiny bow with one side of the bow embedded in diamonds, the Tayla Necklace would also cater to those that are young at heart.

Are you feeling a wee bit naughty or playful? BlueStone offers the perfect necklace to capture your mood in the Eye of Evil Necklace. This one is shaped like an eye with diamonds for the cornea and a black iris. The Joeanna Necklace with its key shaped pendant wrought in 18kt gold and set with diamonds is another fun necklace to own from the BlueStone collection.

There are times when you have to dress up and look like a million dollars. The right accessories would enhance the million dollar aura. The Ekakini Necklace would be just the perfect piece to give you that uptown bearing.

Diamonds Are Forever

Unlike ordinary costume jewellery, diamond jewellery never goes out of fashion. Moreover, even if you do get tired of a particular pattern or piece you may always redesign it or exchange it for a new design. At BlueStone you have the additional option of customising an already existing pattern. If there is a necklace that you like but wants to make certain changes to, the craftsmen at BlueStone will be happy to make the design changes.

Our diamond necklaces’ prices vary based on the carat of the stone and the number of stones used in the model. There are the affordable, simple but dainty necklaces to the heavy-worked intricately designed classic pieces for you to choose from. Buy BlueStone diamond necklaces to stand out from the maddening crowd for those special occasions in life.

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