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Men's Bangles

Accessorizing is no easy task! No matter how much expertise in the field, at some given point of time, all of us would have got one or the other accessory wrong. And for the gender where accessorizing doesn’t come naturally, the task becomes all the more difficult. This difficulty is beautifully explained by blogger Monsieur Robot A.K.A Warren Beckett, and he quotes “Bracelets, necklaces and rings are a tricky thing to get right. Too many and you look like you’re trying too hard, but get it right and you can really elevate your outfit”. That’s how difficult it is pull off any piece of jewellery, especially bangles. Fret not guys, we have some got some tips for you to buy men’s bangles designs!

Image Conscious?

As jewellery is primarily associated with women, men try to get conscious while experimenting with men's jewellery. The first and the foremost thing to do is to get the feminine word association with jewellery out of the picture. Moving ahead, don’t keep what’s in and what’s not in your mind either. You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to try with this experimentation. Decide your style and then look for the available options, and this style makes you stand out, why not! Each one of us is unique, then why should our jewellery be common?

Men’s Bangles?

Yes, guys, men’s bangles do exist! In Hindu tradition, men are usually seen wearing kadas or men’s bangles. Apart from having religious sentiments behind wearing them, modern-day man is not scared of showing off his ‘other’ side as well! Traditionally, plain kadas are worn by Sikh men, to remind themselves of their unbreakable attachment and dedication towards Waheguru. The kada is usually made of silver. However, in the modern times, kadas are worn by most men as a style accessory.

The kadas can add to your personality and overall appearance if paired properly. If you prefer surf’s up than bottomed-up, then you must opt for thinner kadas that make your overall appearance look more rugged and casual. The thin kadas can also be worn with your beach or casual wear.

If you like making bold statements, then the thick gold kadas are great for you. You can wear them with traditional outfits or Indo-western ones. However, keep in mind, if your traditional outfit has heavy work on it, then it would be better to opt for plain kadas. If you are going for minimalistic work on your outfit, then you can opt for the mixed metal one. This kada has a layer of another metal like white gold or platinum on the upper side, with some beautiful cuts, giving the desired shine to the kada. If you are not comfortable with the whole kada thing, you can opt for the half bangle. It will fit half your wrist and make sure you are comfortable to work on your daily activities.

BlueStone Offerings

We at BlueStone care for you and for your image! Our craftsmen have sat continuously for long hours with our designers and after long and tedious discussions, we finally created some priceless men’s bangles designs! We intend to be your one-stop destination whenever you wish to buy men’s bangles online!

The Elegant- The Arjuna Kada

Made from 22k Gold, this is an elegant and strong built men’s bangle. The simplest design but with a touch of a feather that is a little more than comparable.

The Devrath Kada

You can only buy men’s bangles designs like this at our online store and nowhere else. Made with 22k Gold this piece is truly a class apart!

The Eklavya Kada

Eklavya was the one who honored the great Dharmaraja Yudhishtir with his shoes. Both of them being perfectionist, we decided to make something which truly defines the word perfection! With small line graining on the outer surface, this bangle is truly rich! Men’s bangles price of this type cannot be reasonable anywhere in the online world except us. You bet!

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