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Anyone with a penchant for pendants would agree that different types of pendants have different kinds of appeal. Some pendants appeal to you with their religious charm and some with their everydayness while some others enchant you with their timeless beauty. But at times, you are irresistibly drawn towards a pendant not for its religious value, timeless appeal, or classy design but for its sheer style quotient. It is so trendy and whimsical that you don’t want to take your eyes off it; so unconventional and quirky that you fear your grandmother won’t approve of it; so full of panache that you can make a unique fashion statement with just that. That, my friend, is a fashion pendant. Ever since they made a debut a few decades ago, fashion pendants designs have changed the rules of the game and today, they are taking the jewellery industry by storm.

Fashion pendant designs: The twentieth-century fashion saga

A few decades ago, people would have considered the term ‘diamond fashion pendant’ or ‘gold fashion pendant’ a misnomer and for a good reason. Fashion pendants came into vogue during the last quarter of the twentieth century when designers began producing ornaments using inexpensive metals and stones. A typical fashion pendant of those times was not made of gold; nor did it have diamonds or other precious stones. It, on the other hand, was made of gold plated materials and came studded with semi-precious or faux stones that mimicked the glitter of precious stones. Such pieces were ideal for women who wanted to accessorise their wardrobes without having to spend a fortune on it. More importantly, fashionistas wore them for the sole purpose of making a style statement and they were marked for their quirky and playful designs.

The ‘expensive’ and ‘precious’ twist in fashion pendant designs

Fashion pendants experienced a major twist when jewellers started creating such designs using precious metals and expensive stones. Today, any fashionable pendant you wear as a statement piece can be called a fashion pendant and you can find expensive designs that are made of gold and studded with diamonds and all kinds of precious stones. They are characterised by their eclectic nature, versatile patterns, and unconventional designs. The fashion pendant collections available today are a potpourri of designs and styles – symmetrical, asymmetrical, floral, geometrical, contemporary, cocktail, reinterpretations of traditional styles, and much more. Take a look at BlueStone’s fashion pendant designs and you will know how eclectic they are. The Ooid Lattice Pendant in the traditional lattice work and the rhodium plated Neymar Pendant shaped like a football are under the same collection not by mistake but for a reason, you see!

Think outside the box, shop outside the box: Buy fashion pendants online

Today’s fashionistas favour unconventional and not-so-symmetrical patterns over highly conventional and symmetrical ones. If you are looking for a pendant that breaks the conventional rules of symmetry, design or style, you are most likely to find them in fashion pendant collections. Take, for instance, BlueStone’s Pitch Perfect Pendant for men or Break Away Pendant for women. The former is in the shape of a cricket pitch while the latter features two incomplete circles. The Zip Zap Zoom Pendant for Kids features a blue car made of gold. These are designs you wouldn’t normally find in a conventional jewellery collection. Geometrical and circular designs also have a place in such collections, but jewellery makers give them a stylish twist with additional design elements. The Quadra Pendant, the Hexa Pendant, and the Soar Free Pendant are some fine cases in point.

Fashion pendant designs: Traditional styles reinterpreted

When you buy fashion pendants designs online from BlueStone, you can see modern interpretations of many traditional themes and motifs. Take a glance at our Purity Lily Pendant or the Flana Pendant and you will see how our designers used the traditional floral theme to recreate stylish and trendy designs. The Luvina Pendant and the Heart Infinity Pendant use the ubiquitous heart shape with a little twist here and a little twist there. Religious symbols and motifs are also used for making fashion pendants, as you can see in some of our trendy pieces like the Tina Cross Pendant or the Adina Cross Pendant. Those who wear these pendants not only declare their faith but also let the world know of their fashion quotient.

Yellow, white, and rose: Name the gold and we have it

A unique feature of fashion pendant designs is that they look brilliant when crafted in the traditional gold, contemporary white gold, or the whimsical rose gold. At BlueStone, we have a stylish display of pieces in yellow, white, and rose gold studded with diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones. For the lovers of yellow glitter, we have an exclusive collection that includes some of the popular pieces like the Mishka Pendant and the Aarthikha Pendant. If you want to stand out in a party rather than blending in, choose from our white gold collection that includes the Mave Pendant and the Leisha Pendant. Our rose gold collection containing the Adreana Pendant and the Cyntia Butterfly Pendant is sure to your style statement a whimsical touch. In order to meet the unique fashion requirements of modern fashionistas, we have kept our fashion pendants’ prices within an affordable range.

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