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Fashionistas believe that ‘every woman needs a little black dress’. When that perspective is used on earrings, one wouldn’t be wrong to quote that ‘every woman needs a hoop earring’. It doesn’t matter if you are making new friends in college or starting off a promising career or tackling Machiavellian colleagues in the corporate world or managing the household as a domestic engineer, hoops are must-haves in your jewellery box.

The hoop earrings are amongst the oldest form of jewellery. It was used by both men and women from different cultures and civilizations such as Sumerian, Greco-Roman and Egyptian. In India, hoop earrings are called ‘baali’ or ‘baaliyan’.

Over the last few decades, there has been an explosion of variety when it comes to hoop earrings. What used to be a simple round hoop no longer remains just that. As the fashion revolution has taken every fashionista by storm, hoop earrings are becoming popular than ever.

You can buy hoops earrings online on BlueStone. There are various types and styles of hoop earrings. BlueStone itself has more than 150 hoops earring designs on offer, for every occasion. You can choose bold hoops for office wear while thin hoops can be worn for any and every occasion. Confused about the right kind of hoop to buy? Fret not! We have got you covered with our favourite hoop tips.

Types of hoop earrings:

Classic hoop earrings

These are most familiar pair of hoop earrings. They come in various forms of shapes and sizes and are just perfect for your evening parties or occasions.

Diamond cut hoops

Diamond cut hoops enrich a pair of ears with elegance. They catch and reflect light, and therefore they shimmer when viewed from all directions. That’s why if you are heading for a party, you ought to get your diamond cut hoops out of the jewellery box.

Huggie hoops

Huggie hoop earrings, as the name suggests, closely hug the ear lobes. They are delicately pretty like studs as well as multifaceted as regular hoops.

Thin hoops

These can be worn with any kind of attire. It is recommended to own a pair in yellow and another in white gold. One can also look to own them in different sizes.

Patterns on hoops

Beautiful designs are crafted on hoop earrings which make them look exquisite. Get your LBD out of the wardrobe and pair them with patterns on hoops and be ready to get flooded with compliments!

Bold hoops

These are a must for office wear. They complement your professional look as you go about setting directions in important meetings and offer presentations with panache.

Oval hoops

Why should hoops be only circular? There are hoops which are oval in shape. This presents a rhythmic element to your look.

Puffed hoops

They create the impression that the hoops which one is wearing are heavy. However, it is just the puffed appearance of the hoop which causes this illusion as puffed hoops are as light as any ear ring can be for the ear lobes.

At BlueStone, one can buy hoop earring designs as per one’s desire as the sheer diversity is huge. Attractive discounts make sure that hoops earrings price range is fair and turns out to be a better deal than buying from retail outlets. You may be already be owning a pair of hoops but it never is enough when it comes to this timeless design. And if you don’t yet have a pair, now is the best time to get one!

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