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Gold Necklaces

In the 16th century, when the word “necklace” was introduced, its meaning was exactly that - lace for the neck. A necklace evolved from being a string or cord and had come to include ornamental braid of gold or silver. Such gold lace or silver lace, made of wire, was usually sewn on garments, but was sometimes further ornamented with precious stones and worn about the neck and was then called necklace.

Earlier necklaces were considered like heirloom products of royal families. Similar necklace designs are now are easily accessible online with different styles and designs.

Lightweight Necklaces

BlueStone offers an exclusive range of plain gold necklaces as well as diamond studded necklaces with gemstone and diamonds. Gold Necklaces come in various designs like simple pendant attached to a chain, unique bigger motifs with chain, and necklaces with alphabets for kids and even elegant necklaces with positive words. Small diamonds, gemstones and different colour enamels are used to highlight the beauty of the necklaces. These are the most popular designs listed under the gold necklace category. These necklaces can be worn on daily basis, office-wear and even for small parties, as they are light weight. These products are offered in different metal colours and purity options. The majority of people wish to buy gold necklace designs online as per their specifications. One of the best pieces listed under this collection is “THE DOCIA NECKLACE”

Necklaces for Special Occasions

BlueStone has a wide range of Necklaces, which can go well with special occasions like Engagement ceremony, Wedding, and Anniversary etc. Plain gold necklaces with exclusive motifs and studded necklaces with a unique combination of gemstones are the most popular list under the necklace category. The wedding necklace collection is offered with both plain gold and studded designs with exclusive themes and motifs. The combination of diamond and coloured stones add to the beauty of the necklace. These necklaces are wider and flexible; will flow along the neck's shape when it’s worn. Few statement pieces like flexible long necklaces and two-row necklaces are offered with different metal colours and purity. Some of these products look bigger for the value paid; because of the designs and arrangement of the motifs. One of the best piece listed under this collection is “THE LAVANYA MAYURI NECKLACE”

Customers today prefer to buy lovely and unique gold necklace online due to the wide variety of choice and exclusive necklace designs that are available today at competitive online gold necklace prices.

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