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10 to 20 Grams Gold Necklace Designs: Dazzle in Gold

Some of the most expensive things crafted in gold include a man’s shirt, a barbeque grill, and a pocket watch. For many women, however, gold remains synonymous with jewellery. One of the most popular segments of gold jewellery is 10 to 20 gram gold necklaces. These necklaces are bought not only to ornament oneself on special occasions but also as an ideal form of investment. A woman may think twice about buying a new dress. But she will always be willing to buy 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces designs. Check our BlueStone’s range of necklaces and fall in love with gold all over again.

Why Did We Begin Wearing Necklaces?

In the ancient days, beads and shells were a form of currency. Many men and women chose to string them into necklaces and wear them around their necks. This helped that carry these currencies in an easy manner. Moreover, such necklaces were also symbols of wealth and social status. As time moved on, metals like gold and silver became the new form of currency. Though we no longer use these metals to trade, gold necklaces are still a popular way to accentuate the wearer’s beauty. Today, gold necklaces are available in different styles such as chokers, lariats, bibs, collars, matinees, tassels, and many more.

Geometric or Floral; What Would You Prefer?

We offer an extensive range of 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces designs ranging from traditional to modern. If you’re looking for something traditional, take a look at the Nicole Necklace and the Heavenly Sunflower Necklace. However, if you’re looking for a modern take on floral designs, the Floral Ambrosia Necklace should be the perfect fit for you. What traditional, floral designs are to ethnic wear, modern geometric designs are to western wear. Designs like the Ginevra Necklace and the Fenced Axis Necklace are two of our bestselling geometric designs. Wear one of these and you’re sure to be admired by everyone no matter where you are headed to.

What’s the Occasion?

Apart from design motifs, our 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces collection can also be categorised according to occasions. Some women like wearing a delicate gold necklace at all times. Some others prefer sporting their best 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces only for parties and festive celebrations. Our casual wear designs like the Cadence Station Necklace and the Dynamic Necklace will complete the look of your outfit. The Thanishka Necklace and the Sindhuja Necklace are variations of these designs that can be worn for family get-togethers. The main difference between these designs and our casual wear range is the inclusion of a pendant. This gives the design a dressier edge.

Festivals and cocktail parties need something a little more special. The Chaandri Necklace and the Viswaroopini Necklace are the perfect necklaces to complement a saree or a beautiful Anarkali. Are you looking for something that will complement ethnic wear and western wear? You can go for the Plat Axis Necklace or the Estellita Necklace in our collection.

When Only Gold Isn’t Enough

BlueStone is the ultimate destination to buy trendy 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces online. You will notice that many of our new designs in 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces highlight precious stones. While a round cut Emerald lies in the centre of the Jaicee Necklace, an oval ruby takes the centre stage in the Janiece Necklace. If the lustre of pearls appeals to you as much as the glitter of gold, take a look at the Storm Necklace and the Jaklyn Necklace. The Shubha Necklace is nothing short of a show stopper. This design features nine precious stones that are also known as the Navratna.

How to Buy 10 to 20 Grams Gold Necklaces?

It is important to keep in mind the wearer’s body type when you buy a necklace. Women with short, broad neck are likely to prefer long necklaces. On the other hand, women with slim necks will prefer wearing chokers and collar styled necklaces that draw attention to their necks. When it comes to a woman’s height, varying necklace lengths all tend to suit tall women. However, long, heavy necklaces may look a little too bulky on shorter women. Also, pay attention to the shape of your face. A long necklace will complement a round face and elongate it while a short, broad choker can make a narrow face look fuller.

Why Should You Buy 10 To 20 Grams Gold Necklaces Online?

Keeping the above suggestions in mind, it becomes important to try on a necklace before you buy it. However, this shouldn’t stop you from buying 10 to 20 grams gold necklaces online. When you shop with BlueStone, you can pick your favourite designs and try them on at home before buying them. Not only that, you can also customise your necklace. Many designs are made in gold but can also be crafted in white gold. There may also be occasions where you fall in love with a design but the price is a little beyond your budget. To lower the cost of these designs you could customise the carat value of gold being used. The carat value of gold refers to the ratio of pure gold to other metals used to stabilise it. Thus 22kt gold features more gold as compared to 18kt gold and hence is more expensive. You can also choose to buy your necklace in 14kt gold to further lower the price. If a design features diamonds or gemstones, you may also choose the stone’s clarity, colour, and cut.

And then, there’s the biggest advantage to online shopping: the extensive range of designs you can browse through in the comfort of your home. What more could you ask for? So, have you started looking for your next gold necklace? Choose your twinkle today from our exclusive collection of designs.

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