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Plain Gold/Platinum Pendants

The Clash of Metals: Buy Plain Gold Pendant Designs

When we talk of plain gold pendant designs, we mean pendants devoid of diamonds or gemstones. These beautiful pendants by themselves are so self-sustaining and striking, that they need no supporting glittering studs attached to them. Some of the best patterns are formed when self-prints and various metal tones and their combinations are used in creative ways. And the designers at BlueStone have done just that! Using nothing but plain gold, we have created stunning pendants for every style and occasions.

They not only serve as exquisite statement pieces but also are bound to be the showstoppers of a party or wherever you wear them to. You will find them shaped like rose petals, delicate leaves, various figurines, and motifs. You will also find exclusive collections meant for women, men, kids, religiously inclined, those in love, lovers of sports, and a lot more as you deep dive into the entire collection of BlueStone’s plain gold pendants. Of varying textures, metallic finishes, and endless designs, you can buy plain gold pendant online from us today.

Women’s Plain Gold Pendants

Women’s plain gold pendants see no dearth of design. From simple designs fit for everyday use and officewear purposes to gold showstoppers, our collection has everything you need to make a unique impression, every day and all day. Women who prefer simple designs can go for gold pendants like Waves in Circle Pendant or the Preen Petiole Pendant. If you want to add more zing to your pendants, go for our enamelled beauties like the Fiery Passion Pendant and the Egyptian Charm Pendant.

Fancy making a statement as bold and unique as you? Choose from our bold and beautiful fashion pendants collections that include mind-blowing pieces like the Gyza Pendant, the Rhytes Pendant or the Indunn Pendant. For women who have a thing for white gold, we have the Julia Pendant and the Antevorta Pendant while those who love the romantic hues of rose gold can choose the Navigation Pin Pendant.

For the Love of Men and God: Heart Pendants and Religious Pendants

When you buy plain gold pendants online from us, you get to choose from a wide range of themes. Of these, the most popular theme is – you guessed it right – love. When we say love, we don’t mean just romantic love; our designs will take care of your love for God as well.

Speaking of love, we have a fabulous range of the hearts in love – our heart-shaped pendants. Take, for instance, the Sweetheart Pendant in our collection. Made of 18kt gold, the pendant is in the shape of a heart. Our other heart pendants include the Quest of Love Openable Pendant, the Sweet Love Pendant, and the Starry Love Pendant. All these pieces are ideal gifts one can choose for their loved ones on the Valentine’s Day or any special occasions. If you think hearts are a cliché and you need something unique to express your love, we have just the right designs for you. Pick from our romantic range that includes the Sound of Love Pendant and the Guitar Pick Pendant to make a statement about love without the heart motif.

When you buy plain gold pendants online from BlueStone, you can choose designs that help you express your love for god. These pendants feature symbols and motifs that are commonly associated with a religion or faith. Take, for instance, our Om collection which has designs that feature the Om symbol. The Tejas Pendant, the Sadasiva Pendant, and the Aumkara Pendant are some of the bestsellers from this collection. Devotees of Ganesha should not give our designs like the Yagnakaya Pendant and the Ganapathi Pendant a miss. The Shiva Pendant, on the other hand, is for the devotees of Lord Shiva.

A Piece for Everyone: Buy Plain Gold Pendants Online

Plain gold pendant designs are not confined to women alone. They have more takers, namely the children and men. These designs have no frills attached, quite literally, and prove to be the most easy-to-maintain and durable pieces that can be worn by anyone. Children can enjoy a colourful range of striking shapes and figurines in the form of their favourite cartoon characters, bright fruits or animals. Some of these include the Jumbo Pendant and the Brave Ladybird Pendant. Another hot-seller in this collection is the Zip Zap Zoom Pendant for Kids, which is designed like a car.

Then there are simple pendants for men too. Take a look at the Shining India Pendant and the Jai Hind Pendant depicting the map of India. The Torres Pendant, the Zaha Pendant and the Rooney Pendant depicting a football and the Lava Pendant shaped like a dagger are other popular choices of men. Skim through the entire range to compare plain gold pendants price and order your pick online.

Floral Bits of Shiny Bliss

BlueStone has an exclusive range of shiny metal pendants in floral formats. Being some of the most common mood-lifters for women, patterns set in flowers are the most evergreen variety. They simply never go out of style. Be it the insanely dense pattern of the Mena Pendant, or the sharp curves of the Blossoming Beauty Pendant, you have them all set in striking forms.

As if one flower was not enough, we have some pendants with dual flowers as seen in the Gwyneth Pendant, the Julie Pendant, the Jennifer Pendant and the Conjoined Blossoms Pendant. However, some of the most noteworthy patterns are those with a difference. Do go through the unique shapes and twists of the Halle Pendant, the half-plucked petals of the Sovereign lower Pendant, the rose gold blossom of the Blooming Rose Pendant and the clash of three metals as seen in the rose prints of the Ganika Pendant. When we have so many designs in store for you, what stops you from choosing your favourite plain gold pendant designs?

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