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Chand Bali Jewellery

Chand Bali Jewellery: Every Woman’s Must Have

For a woman, an outfit is incomplete without jewellery that accessorises it. Jewellery is to a woman’s attire what salt is to food – it complements and enhances a woman’s personality just like how a dash of salt brings out the flavour of food. And, what simple studs are to formal outfits, chand bali jewellery is to ethnic Indian women’s wear. This style of jewellery may be called traditional, but, they are perfect for all occasions from kitty party lunches to wedding receptions. The best part about chand bali jewellery designs- the possibilities never end!

Walk Like A Queen With Chand Bali Jewellery Designs

The chand bali style of jewellery is not something new. This style of jewellery was very popular with the maharanis of Indian history and their entourage. It is said to have its roots in Hyderabad where this design was popularised by the Nizams and Mughals. Today the role of popularising chand bali jewellery has been taken on by our Bollywood divas who are often seen flaunting these pieces so much so that the oversized chand bali earrings Deepika Padukone wore in Ramleela have come to be known as Ramleela Earrings.

Chand bali can be described as a ‘bali’ or ring styled dangler that has a shape reminiscent of the crescent shaped moon or ‘chand’. Traditionally styled chand bali jewellery like the Nazneen Earrings typically features floral motifs while more contemporary styled pieces such as the Mehrunisa Earrings have a more modern edge. Chand bali jewellery a favourite with brides and can make quite a style statement. You could pair these with matching pendants or maang tikkas to complete the regal look.

Buy Chand Bali Jewellery from BlueStone and Create a Statement

The right jewellery can take your lehenga or saree from “nice” to “WOW” in a second. Chand bali jewellery typically features diamonds or pearls set in white or gold. Alternatively, this jewellery may also feature other precious stones like rubies or emeralds. Size wise, chand bali earrings can range from 3-4cm long pieces to larger more ornate designs that graze the top of your shoulders. Remember, the larger the piece, the heavier it will be. Hence, chand bali jewellery price depends largely on the size of the piece and the stones being used in it. However, in order to make sure that you do not dent hole in your pocket while owning this exquisite design, we have kept our chand bali jewellery prices reasonable.

Chand Bali Jewellery Designs: The Perfect Gift for all Occasions

Almost every woman, young or old loves her jewellery. Chand bali jewellery is a style that suits all ages. Whether it’s your daughter’s 16th birthday or your 10th wedding anniversary, a gift of glamorous chand bali designs will make the occasion all the more memorable. When it comes to weddings, brides look gorgeous in Chand bali earrings. Two of our most popular wedding chand bali earrings are the Naaz Earrings and Nayaab Earrings. Make the day even more special by gifting your mother and mother-in-law delicate chand bali jewellery that speaks of your love for them.

Buy Chand Bali Jewellery Online: An Exquisite Range to Choose from

Like everything else, jewellery too can be bought online today. BlueStone you’re never at a loss for designs that fit every budget and occasion. While the petite Dilkash Earrings are ideal for a small office celebration, the more elaborate Zufa Earrings are perfect for a festive celebration. If you are looking for something unique, take a look at the Asfoorah Earrings. It is our craftsmen’s attention to detail that makes a woman wearing these earrings stand out in a crowd. At BlueStone we craft jewellery only with hallmarked gold and certified diamonds thus assuring you of its quality. To top it all, you can even customise the colour and purity of gold being used to make your jewellery. As an added convenience, BlueStone offers you the opportunity of trying on jewellery at home before you make a final decision. So browse through the chand bali jewellery designs at BlueStone, pick your favourites and have fun shopping!

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