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Navaratna Earrings

Navaratna Earrings: In Rhythm with Trend and Tradition

Oscar Wilde once said, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”. To be a work of art may not be in your hands, but to wear a work of art is. Now, if that work of art is studded with gemstones, can you really ignore its allure? In case you haven’t guessed yet, we are talking about navaratna earrings. The appeal of the navaratna earrings designs has fascinated women across the ages. Even the modern fashionistas haven’t been able to resist their charisma. The blend of old world charm and contemporary style is too good to resist, you see. These colourful beauties continue to dazzle everyone with their amazing style, colours, and gorgeousness. At BlueStone, we have an exciting range of navaratna earrings for those who want to be in rhythm with trend and tradition. Take one look and you will fall for this rhapsody of hues forever.

What is the Significance of Navaratna Jewellery?

To begin with, do you know what does the term ‘navaratna’ mean? Navaratna is a Sanskrit word which means nine gems. Every piece of navaratna jewellery is set with nine particular gems, each of which has its own significance. The combination of these nine gems is believed to bring good luck to the wearer. The followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. consider these gems to be auspicious and powerful. Unsurprisingly, navaratna jewellery has always been a trending item in Indian jewellery market.

According to Indian philosophy, these nine gems are known to represent a smaller version of the universe. They signify the seven planets and the two nodes. These comprise the universe as per the Hindu astrology system. The nine gems are as follows: Ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, zircon, and cat’s eye. These gemstones stand for their corresponding planets. They are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, ascending lunar node and descending lunar node, respectively.

In a traditional arrangement of the nine gems, the ruby is placed at the centre. Take, for instance, the Rajkanya Earrings in our collection. This classic design is made of 18kt gold. It features a bright red ruby in the centre which is encircled by the other eight gemstones. The central ruby is slightly bigger compared to the ones surrounding it. Check out the collection to see more designs in this traditional setting.

Explore Trendy Navaratna Earrings Online at BlueStone

It is said that self-confidence is the best outfit. BlueStone’s navaratna earrings collection offers trendy pieces to complement your confidence. This collection represents the craftsmanship of our expert designers. When you buy navaratna earrings designs from our collection, you will come across pieces like the Jamini Earrings. It highlights the traditional setting of navaratnas with a large ruby at the centre.

Crafted in 18kt gold, these new designs in navaratna earrings are meant to suit the taste of the modern women. Take a look at our Ambar Kosh Earrings. The fashionable design of the earring provides a unique base for the nine gems. Be it a marriage reception or a festive occasion, this pair can be the perfect item to flaunt. The colourful Pushpanjali Earrings is yet another pair to make you stand out at any gathering. With our Priyala Earrings, there will be no dearth of sparkle and shine to highlight your look. Our Naveen Darpan Earrings is a modern take on the traditional jewellery style.

Drops, Hoops, or Studs: What’s Your Style?

This collection brings to you various styles of earrings. It has hoops, studs, drops, floral, and other styles. If you love hoops, check out the Neer Ratna Earrings from this collection. Made of 18kt gold, this pair features a half-hoop structure studded with the nine gemstones. Pair it up with any attire and you will be set to rock.

For those of you who love the floral style, we have the Nootan Pushp Earrings. Our Mangala Earrings is a unique pair of earrings. You can wear it as a drop earring. It also has a detachable part which allows you to wear it in two ways. The studs from this collection have stunning pieces like the Surya Kiran Earrings and the Divya Prabha Earrings. Each pair is a stunner in itself. Our Aaditya Nav Earrings is another stud worth checking out.

So, What’s the Occasion?

Our collection has earrings that you can wear at different occasions. For instance, our Bhumi Suman Earrings and the Manisha Earrings are perfect for any special occasion. You can flaunt them with modern or traditional attire. The Vividh Tej Earrings is designed to highlight your festive look. If you are looking for something to wear at the next weekend party, then don’t worry. We have for you pieces like the Nav Kavach Earrings. One of the best things about these earrings is that they go well with outfits of any colour.

But that is not all. We have many such wonderful earrings in this collection. These earrings can also make great gifts. So, men can pamper the special women in their lives by gifting them these beautiful earrings. Well, that doesn’t mean that you need to wait for a man to gift you a beautiful pair of earrings. Treat yourself to one of these colourful beauties today. You deserve everything unique!

How to Buy Navaratna Earrings Online from BlueStone?

At BlueStone, we want our customers to get the best pieces of jewellery at affordable rates. That is why we have kept our navaratna earrings price within a reasonable range. Buying our earrings online is really simple. Moreover, we give you the option to customise your favourite designs based on the colour and caratage of gold. You can even try our earrings at home before buying them. So, add a pair of these quintessentially Indian navaratna earrings to your collection without further delay. Your jewellery box is not complete without one!

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