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Drops Jewellery Designs: An Eternal Fashion

Drop earrings are always in style. Whether you are dressing up for office or a big event in your life, or just want to feel amazing, they can effortlessly make a style statement for you. If you have a penchant for these dangling beauties, BlueStone’s collection of drops jewellery designs is the right place to explore. Each piece in this collection is marked by artistic designs which do everything in their power to accentuate your bling quotient. Moreover, there is a little something for everyone in our collection, no matter how exclusive your taste or how diverse your preference is. Dressed in our drops jewellery designs, you can hardly fail to make heads turn with admiration wherever you go.

Buy Drops Jewellery Designs Online at BlueStone

Typically, a pair of drop earrings hangs just below your earlobe, like the Rapture Drop Earrings or the Anaya Earrings. However, long drops like the Symphonic Raaga Earrings dangle further down your ears. If you are looking for earrings that impeccably combine contemporary designs with sleek style what better than the Delna Earrings or the Sneha Shobhita Earrings? Both of these earrings are decked with the reliable sparkle of clustered diamonds and with all their trendiness, they surely will pamper the fashionista in you.

The Mangala Earrings, the Modern Glitz Earrings, and the Fire and Ice Earrings come with the good old traditional charm and much ornateness. The Mangala Earrings have the goodness of pearls, diamonds and the navaratna gemstones to recommend them. The Modern Glitz Earrings are decked with yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines, and of course diamonds to add to their blaze. The Fire and Ice Earrings are adorned with off white pearls, diamonds, and red garnets.

Dare to Dazzle at Work with Spectacular Drops Jewellery Designs

Dressing up for work can be slightly tricky. Something too ornate may throw you off your game, while something too modest will hardly get you noticed. The beauty, therefore, lies in the balance. And nothing exemplifies this balance better than our drops jewellery designs for office wear. Take the Sadah Drop Earrings for example. It has exquisite diamonds studded on its 18kt gold body for a subtle yet classy appeal. The Circular Marvelous Dangler Earrings are a bit snazzier, but the rose gold tone mellows them down and the intermittent diamonds carry the soberness forward. You can also go with the Moment of Love Drop Earrings for you never know when the Cupid’s Arrow may strike you at work.

If you like to dress up in floral flair, now you have a number of drop jewellery options that you can wear at work. The Floria Drop Earrings, the Floral Wave Drop Earrings, and the Diane Shooter Earrings all come with mesmeric floral designs.

Buy Drops Jewellery Designs that Prep You Up For Festivals

The festive drops jewellery designs at BlueStone are truly fabulous. They come in inimitable style and a contemporary panache. The Squared in Appeal Earrings or the Quadra Earrings flaunt geometric shapes that glue all eyes on you. Pair the Bashful Tendril Earrings with something classy for extra flair. The Anise Earrings add a dash of spice to anything you wear them with.

If you like plain gold designs with intricate patterns, you can take your pick from the Emma Earrings, the Lisa Earrings, and the Sandra Earrings. These gold showstoppers have an element of fusion in them. They certainly work hard to earn you your fashionista glory.

You can also choose to dress up your festive flair with the traditional and ornate jhumkas. They are gorgeous and classy and they flaunt appealing stonework. Take your pick from the Precious Nalini Jhumka, the Jeweled Zaira Jhumka, or the Splendid Elakshi Jhumka. These engaging jhumkas will make you the centre of the limelight everywhere you go.

That’s not all. We have a fabulous range of exquisite designs in yellow, pink, and white gold. Explore it further from end to end. You will notice that our drops jewellery design prices are reasonably kept for your convenience. So why wait up? Pick the designs that grab your eye and bag them right away.

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