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Earn a Preset Solitaire Pendant for Your Heart

Are you planning to buy a solitaire and have no idea what you should buy? You wish to surprise your loved one, but can’t spoil it by asking her the size of her finger? This is exactly when you should be browsing through the preset solitaire pendants collection at BlueStone. Classy, elegant, and cost-effective, this sparkling collection will add loads of oomph to your look. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted to perfection and you will have a hard time choosing between our fabulous designs. So, are you ready to add oodles of sparkle to your jewellery collection?

A Beginner’s Guide to Solitaires

A solitaire is mostly a single diamond or usually any single gemstone placed on a piece of jewellery. Because of its singularity, the stone looks large and sparkling. Solitaires have been a popular choice for making rings, especially engagement rings. No one can deny that gifting a diamond solitaire ring has almost become a tradition among couples. They are a timeless combination of classy and bold. When you buy solitaire jewellery these days, you don’t have to limit your options to rings. Solitaire earrings, pendants, and other forms of jewellery are creating a wave in the jewellery market these days.

Do you want to feel special? What better way to do it than with a finely designed solitaire trinket. Don’t wait for your prince charming to gift you that trinket. Dear women, you create your own sparkle! Just buy a solitaire pendant for yourself and keep it close to your heart. BlueStone’s collection of solitaire pendants is a fine balance between sparkle and class. Needless to say, you will be spoilt for choice.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Solitaire

Solitaire pendants are a sure way to add life to your jewellery collection. They also make for the best gift you can buy for a loved one because unlike rings or bangles, the size of the ornament doesn’t matter. Whether you are buying a solitaire pendant for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

The first thing that you must check is the cut of the diamond or gem that you wish to buy. A solitaire comes in varied cuts and shapes, round being a most preferred and popular one. Other popular ways of cutting a solitaire are the square princess cut, the emerald cut, the oval cut, and the heart shape. There are many other modish cuts that enhance the beauty of the solitaire.

Second, you must look for the size. Here, do not be misled by the weight of the diamond which is measured by the carat count. The size of a diamond or gemstone depends on its cut and a diamond having a wider table will look larger due to its cut. Pick the one you would wish to set on your metal.

Colour is the third factor that you must keep in mind while buying a solitaire. The clarity of a solitaire is determined to a large extent by its colour and the sparkle of a solitaire comes from this clarity. So look for the perfect cut, colour, and clarity when you buy solitaire jewellery online.

Buy the Best Preset Solitaire Pendants

Wearing a solitaire on the neck instead of your finger gives an element of surprise and drama to your attire. But don’t mistake to think that it can only be worn when you need to dress up flashy. Solitaire pendants are remarkably classy and can remain chic without being loud or gaudy. For example, take a look at the Ciel Pendant. This preset solitaire pendant is made of 18kt white gold. It is a popular choice for its tasteful design and can be worn with any attire. It is a good pick for casual days when you wish to keep it simple.

Our store offers you trendy preset solitaire pendants online. Our preset solitaire pendants price range is equally attractive. The best part is that you get to mix and match the combinations as per your preference. You can buy preset solitaire pendant designs made in gold or white gold. You can also choose a single diamond or one having micro-paved diamonds encircling the solitaire.

White Gold and Solitaires: The Eternal Radiance

If you are looking to buy preset solitaire pendants online, do look for ones in white gold. The Sublime Artistic Cute Pendant is an 18kt white gold pendant with a single-solitaire. The elegant design and the radiance of white gold make it shimmer with moon glow. You can make it a part of your special jewellery collection or choose to flaunt it every day.

However, if you wish to wear a solitaire pendant that comes with lots of glamour and glitz, you can check out our Refined Embrace Pendant. This pendant made of 18kt white gold not only comes with a solitaire that sparkles at the centre but also has micro-paved diamonds. The olive shape of the pendant makes it look larger than its original size and contemporary to the core. A similar design in white gold is the Elegant Princess Pendant. It has a round cut solitaire in the centre, which is surrounded by two halos of diamonds. The geometric shape of these halos makes the piece appear chic and trendy.

Gold and Solitaires: The Classic Combination

Gold is an equally favoured, perhaps the classic, choice among our customers. The Evergreen Classic Pendant made of 18kt gold is an all-time favourite among jewellery enthusiasts. It has a single-solitaire and a chic design. But the most enigmatic designs in this collection are the Royal Chakra Pendant and the Circular Grace Pendant. In both these pendants, you will find diamond bands enclosing the gleaming solitaire. The élan and style of these pieces are hardly matched by any other pendant. So, why wait? Order and own your preset solitaire pendant today!

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