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Women's Gold Engagement Rings

Women’s Gold Engagement Rings: Begin it With a Bling

The man got down on his knees, popped open a ring box with the sparkling in it and looked towards the love of his life before hearing the one word that made his day - YES! And they lived happily ever after.

Okay, let’s admit it! Not all proposals are this dramatic or fairy-tale-like. For many Indian couples, the engagement is more of a family affair involving parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and relatives who come together only for such occasions. Well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Whether you have found your life partner or your parents found him for you, it marks a beautiful moment when you two decide to get engaged and spend the rest of your lives together. Most proposals are marked by the man slipping on a beautiful engagement ring on the lady’s hand. Remember, Bon Jovi even made a song about it, “Diamond ring, wear it on your hand, it's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man…”

Given what an important event this ring represents, picking the perfect engagement is not an easy decision, especially when there are so many options to choose from. From platinum and white gold to the more contemporary rose gold, the jewellery industry is coming up with a plethora of designs, leaving you confused. When in doubt, go the classic way and buy something in the timeless gold. Worry not! We at BlueStone have a captivating array of women’s gold engagement designs for you to begin your journey with a bling. 

Women’s Gold Engagement Ring Designs to Suit Every Style

Engagement rings range from simple pieces like the Rasmus Ring to ornate ones like the Helios Cluster Cocktail Ring. With these rings, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Like women, engagement rings have many facets; while some are delicate and intricate like the Twin Wingflow Ring, others like the Anina Ring are bold. Thus, when you buy women's gold engagement ring designs, you have to keep in mind the personality, style preferences, and likes and dislikes of the woman it is intended for. The romantic woman would probably love being proposed to with the Olympius Band or the Apolonius Ring while an adventure enthusiast might prefer the Magnus Band or the Trion Ring.

Diamond and More than Diamonds: Buy Women’s Gold Engagement Rings Online

An engagement ring with a single diamond mounted in the centre of the band is still the favourite of many couples. If you belong to this category, go for the Solaris Ring or the Phiran Ring in our collection. Those who prefer the dazzle of more than one diamond can opt for the Lucrezia Ring or the Juliette Ring. The Arianna Ring designed in the ageless floral theme is for couples who deem their betrothal incomplete without flowers (a diamond-studded one, in this case).

Engagement rings don’t have to be restricted to diamonds. You could buy women's gold engagement ring designs with rubies, iolites, amethysts, emeralds and pink sapphires at BlueStone. The single stone Amaryllis Ring is ideal for a woman with delicate tastes while a bold woman would love the amethyst in the Elignia Ring. The Lada Ring with eight emeralds circling a ruby is one of our favourite designs. Trust us when we say even the most expensive solitaire ring cannot hold a candle to these colourful beauties. 

A Gold Engagement Ring that Fits Every Budget

Another factor that is crucial to selecting the perfect engagement ring is women's gold engagement rings prices. One of the key factors in determining the price of an engagement ring is the number and size of precious stones used in it. Thus, while the stones in the Flavia Ring may be bigger than those in the Arabella Ring, the latter has more stones, which almost equalise their prices.

Almost all women dream of solitaires but this may not fit every man’s budget. That’s when you need a cluster engagement ring, the latest trend driven by celebrities like Scarlet Johansson. A cluster ring, like the Heirloom Ring, Fortuna Ring, or the Red Carpet Glamour Ring in our collection, features several tiny diamonds set tightly against each other to lend the ring a mega sparkle. It’s cost-effective and you get a bigger bang for the bucks you spend.

Love Knot Rings, Trinity Rings, and Couple Bands: Trends on the Rise

When you buy women’s gold engagement rings online from us, you get to choose from many styles that are trending. Take, for instance, the trinity rings in our collection. A typical trinity ring has three stones which stand for the past, present and future. Quite symbolic, isn’t it? So if you want to celebrate your union with a healthy dose of symbolism, go for our trinity ring designs that include the Triad Flourish Ring or the Parnella Trinity Ring.

Speaking of symbolism, how about tying the knot with a love knot ring? Choose from our love knot engagement rings such as the Drihas Ring and the Evan Ring. These rings are sure to add both bling and meaning to the moment that marks the beginning of your journey together.

Couple bands are the hot word in town and rightly so. Today, many couples prefer matching engagement rings to display their unique bonding. These rings usually take the form of bands. The Antoine Ring for Her and the Dual Sonata Ring for Her are two such examples that are available in a ‘him’ and ‘her’ variant.

Today, you don’t need to walk from store to store to buy women’s gold engagement ring designs. At BlueStone, we have over 80 exquisite designs for you to choose from the comfort of your home. Each ring is a result of painstaking attention to details and ensures that the love of your life will beam with happiness every time she looks at it. 

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