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Gold Engagement Rings

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world, and when you are about to enter into this new phase of life, the excitement and nervousness starts catching up! Yes, that’s the irony that marriage brings to our lives. 

A memorable souvenir, the engagement ring, stands for passion and new beginnings. As new beginnings are so special and auspicious, the best metal to cast the ring is gold. The shimmer, shine, and undying grace of the yellow metal makes the bride-to-be feel unique and special! 

Journey of Gold Engagement Rings 

In Ancient Greece, couples as well as lovers gifted gold jewels that should be worn around fingers. And in Ancient Egypt, men used to wear rings to symbolize their wealth, and also gift one of it to their partner, so that they could show off their joint riches. 

The earliest recorded use of gold rings is in the Circa 2800 BC. Egyptians are known to be buried with a gold wire on their third finger of their left hands. It is believed that the vein of the third finger of the left hand is directly connected the heart. That explains why we wear engagement rings on the left hands!

Though today some people prefer diamond engagement rings, the gold engagement ring designs are classy and a class-apart! 

Popular Gold Engagement Ring Designs 

From traditional yellow bands to rings with fancy hue stones and diamonds, gold engagement rings come in all popular design and styles. 

Floral Assets 

The traditional design that has made a comeback are the floral assets i.e. flowers, petals, vines and other designs that one can find in gardens. These designs are either made of pure gold or are clubbed with small cut diamonds or stones. The floral jewellery design on top of the ring gives it a fanciful look.

Gold Bands

Plain gold bands or gold bands with stones are in vogue for the longest known time period. Though they appear to be really simple, but their ease and comfort, surpasses that of any other shape. The best part of this ring is that it can be paired with the corporate look as well as the traditional one. 

Gold Rings

If you can’t get enough of gold, platinum, diamond, or white gold, then all you need is a mixed metal ring. The presence of gold enhances the effect of diamonds, and if it is clubbed with a white gold band, then it’s your time to show off your ring! 

Elaborate Side View Rings

The more the detailing on your ring, the more people are going to notice it! The elaborate designs on the side, makes the ring look irresistible from all sides. The chain-effect on the ring is said to symbolize the eternal bond of marriage. 

Gold Engagement Rings at BlueStone

The online jewellery shopping store, BlueStone, is your destination to buy gold engagement rings online! With a sea of choices to explore from, one can buy gold engagement rings designs from the exclusive online store. 

The cluster engagement rings will surely make you go weak in your knees. You can choose from vintage gold engagement rings, halo designed rings, twisted bands, delicately crafted designs, and the list continues. One thing’s for sure, you will be spoilt for choices!

If you are unsure of your ring finger size, and are in no mood for some unpleasant surprises, then BlueStone should be your only destination. All you need to do is select a product, choose a time, and try the jewellery piece in the comfort of your home. Once you are sure of the design as well as the size, you can proudly own your gold engagement ring!

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