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Halo Rings

Halo Ring Designs: Make a Big Splash with a Small Ring

Many ornaments appeal to people with their size and elaborate designs while some pieces of jewellery steal the show with sheer elegance, lustre, and grace. Halo rings, best known for their popularity among celebrities and brides across the globe, belong to the second category. The classic halo ring has a large size stone, mostly diamond, embedded at its centre and a number of tiny pave diamonds surrounding it. The tiny diamonds are placed in a circle or halo around the main stone and the ring derives its name from this particular design feature. Ever since they made the debut a few centuries ago, halo ring designs gained wide acceptance and today, they come studded with diamonds as well as precious stones.

The genesis and popularity of halo ring designs

The halo rings originated in Europe during the early eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, the period popularly known as the Georgian era. They featured a round cut or cushion cut diamond encircled by diamonds or pearls which were only a tad smaller than the central stone. Halo rings retained their popularity in the Victorian period too, but a typical Victorian ring featured colourful gems such as sapphires, rubies, and turquoises as the central stone which, along with the surrounding accent diamonds, gave the ring a floral look.  

The current incarnation of the classic halo setting has its origins in the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. The halo setting went in and out of vogue several times during the following decades and it has made a comeback these days with many design modifications and innovations.

Changing designs and emerging trends in halo ring designs

The halo ring designs available today are bold interpretations of the Art Deco style with some creative twists given to the central stone and the halo. When you buy halo rings online, you will be surprised to see that the halo on the ring is not always circular in shape. Modern-day jewellers experiment with the classic halo setting by making the halo more angular than circular. Some designers go a step further by adding two or multiple halos around the central stone. Asymmetrical halos give the ring a contemporary look while double-halos, triple halos, and hexagonal halos add a dramatic opulence to the centre stone.

The cluster design is a popular variation of the halo ring where designers use several small stones and diamonds at the centre instead of one large size diamond or precious stone. Rings made of white gold and rings embedded with diamonds and precious stones are also exploding in popularity these days. That being said, the good old halo setting with a round-shaped central diamond surrounded by small accent diamonds hasn’t lost its charm or fame. Rings made in the traditional halo setting are finding their way back to the collections, especially engagement rings collections, of many online and offline jewellers.

Create a halo of grace with BlueStone’s halo ring designs

At BlueStone, we never cease to surprise you with our artfully crafted jewellery and the same goes true for our halo ring collections. The marvellous rings we create in gold and white gold will make your engagement, wedding, anniversary, and other special occasions lustrous and give you a halo of grace and beauty.

When it comes to offering you the best of designs, we prefer taking the less-travelled routes and that’s why our designers have handcrafted a collection of rings with angular halos, such as the Sazerac Ring and the Classic Regal Ring. For those who prefer the classic halo setting with a bit of modern flair, we have the Mandarin Ring made in gold with a large size rhodolite as the central stone and several tiny diamonds set around it in a circular halo.

More is better: Buy halo ring designs with multiple halos

If you are not ready to settle for a single-halo ring, worry not! The Noilly Ring and the Curacao Ring in our collection are sure to enchant you with the luxury and elegance of their multiple halos. Those who don’t want anything other than diamonds on their halo rings can opt for our diamond-and-diamond-only pieces like the Cachaca Ring and the Sparkling Absolut Ring.

BlueStone’s halo rings’ prices show a wide range and are quite affordable. When you buy halo rings online from us, you not only a get a beautiful piece to marvel at for the rest of your life but also can enjoy a bigger bang for the bucks you spend. 

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