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Yellow Ring Designs for the Pretty Fellows

Have you ever looked at a basket full of ripe lemons and felt refreshed all of a sudden? Ever gazed at the yellow sky and felt melancholic for no reason? Has a piece of gold jewellery ever made you marvel at its glitter even though you are no fan of the yellow metal? Yellow, without any doubts, is one of the trickiest colours we find around us. From pale and bright to mustard and citrine, outfits and accessories made in yellow have an unusual appeal. But when gone wrong, the colour yellow does more harm than good. That’s precisely why it is not in the aesthetic good book of many fashionistas. After all, who wants to carry a repulsive jaundiced look by wearing the wrong shade of yellow from head to toe?

However, the colour yellow enjoys an undeniable supremacy in the world of jewellery. Gold, the king of all metals, is yellow in its natural form. When accented with yellow gemstones, the beauty of gold doubles and the jewellery radiates a seamless glitter. The Chinese and Buddhist people of the ancient times considered yellow as an expression of happiness, divinity, freedom, and success and they clad themselves in yellow clothing and jewellery. Yellow stone ornaments, especially yellow ring designs, are an emerging trend these days. They are the hot picks of those looking to up their style quotient in a bright and unconventional manner. Artfully crafted rings studded with yellow sapphire and citrine have found an enviable place in the collections of many online and offline jewellers.

Planning to incorporate yellow into your jewellery collection? Take a look at the designs and patterns offered by BlueStone.

Buy Yellow Ring Designs and Wear a Splendid Sun on Your Fingers

Nothing can go wrong with yellow rings. They look elegant when crafted in plain gold, equally appealing in white gold, and mesmerising when accented by sparkling diamonds. The creative designers at BlueStone bring to you a bright and sparkling collection of yellow rings to add a splash of freshness to your jewellery choices. The items in our collection are made of 18kt yellow or white gold. These rings feature sparkling yellow sapphires and beautiful citrines which give them different tones of yellow. When you buy yellow rings online from BlueStone, you can enjoy special offers and exciting deals on a number of selected items.

The Sapphires that Aren’t Blue: Buy Yellow Rings Online from Bluestone

Those who associate the colour blue with sapphire will find the very term ‘yellow sapphire’ somewhat strange. Believe it or not, sapphires come in more colours than the iconic blue. Yellow sapphire, also known by other names such as pushyaraga, peetamani, and pukhraj, is one of the key gemstones used in Indian astrology. It is believed to bestow the wearer immense zodiacal benefits and is often associated with wealth, health, good luck, prosperity, and wisdom.

At BlueStone, we bring to you a marvellous collection of rings made with yellow sapphires. The Moonwalk Ring and the Licorice Ring are two signature pieces in our display; the former features six and the latter four yellow sapphires accented by a number sparkling diamonds. The Smiraan Ring, which has a round sapphire fixed at the centre of an 18kt gold body, radiates simplicity and elegance. You can also opt for our Gabriella Ring, which features two yellow sapphires set on either side of a central diamond cluster.

The electric beauty of citrine rings

Another popular yellow stone used in jewellery making is citrine, also known as the success stone and the merchants’ stone because of its alleged power to bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer. Although it has been in use for thousands of years, citrines gained an increased momentum in jewellery making during the Art Deco period. Today, this popular type of yellow stone is favoured not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the astrological and spiritual benefits it carries.

For fashion or faith, you can find an exciting range of pieces made with citrine in BlueStone’s collection. The Amarela Ring and the Love Me Forever Ring, both with a heart-shaped citrine at the centre, make for the perfect gifts you can give your loved ones. The Noilly Ring, the Amerogue Ring, and the Solaris Ring are exquisitely designed pieces with which you can make a unique fashion statement. The Solar Plexus Chakra Ring, an elegant design from our Chakra jewellery collection, is ideal for those to want to channelise their energies using chakra designs.

The yellow rings’ prices at BlueStone are within an affordable range and you can add a bit of yellow power to your jewellery collection without burning a hole in your pocket. When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade and when life gives you citrines and sapphires, how about wearing them in the form yellow ring designs?

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