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Yellow Sapphire Rings

Rings for All Occasions: Choose Yellow Sapphires

Like any gemstone aficionado, if you too believe in the power and might of gemstones, then our collection of yellow sapphire ring designs will catch your fancy. Called Pushparagam or Pukhraj in Sanskrit, this stone that is found in rocks gets its yellow hue from the traces of iron present in it. Sapphires are known for their industrial hardiness, right after diamonds. But then again, given its beauty and grandeur, yellow sapphires have been long used in jewellery too. We have a wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and nose pins using yellow sapphire, but let’s focus on our yellow sapphire ring designs here.

The yellow sapphire stone is associated with the sun sign, Sagittarius, and is connected to the planet Jupiter. As a birthstone, it is believed to bring in financial fortune, wisdom, spirituality and good health for the person who wishes to adorn it. But the yellow sapphire goes beyond its benefits. In jewellery, its yellow brilliance diffuses the light to create shimmer and sparkle. It is best worn as a ring so that it catches sunlight at the right angles to create radiance.

Our yellow sapphire ring designs can be worn by both genders and are universal in its applicability. Some wear yellow sapphire rings for religious reasons while some others as festive jewellery choices. You make your pick!

For Women Who Like Yellow: Buy Yellow Sapphire Ring Designs from BlueStone

Our rings are delicate and dainty and can be worn as everyday jewellery too. The Gabriella Ring has a single pear-shaped diamond and two marquise-shaped yellow sapphire stones on either side of it. This ring works great as an engagement ring too. Men can choose to present this to their prospective brides if they are Sagittarian. Sagittarians do love a strong yellow hue! The Simraan Ring is more modern in its appearance. Using only a single yellow sapphire round-shaped stone set in a bent and shiny 18kt gold band; it is a classic design and can be effortlessly worn with any outfit. Our personal suggestion is that you wear it with any Indian outfit for an Indian festive occasion. What do you think?

Pack A Punch with These Designs

The Moonwalk Ring is a big ring, no doubt. With a mount that holds together 41 diamond stones and six yellow sapphire stones, this one is a keeper. Both men and women can wear it, as it is more of a religious ring than anything else. While it may be a heavy piece, it packs a lot of punch.

Our most extravagant yellow sapphire ring design is The Licorice Ring. It has 65 diamond stones and four yellow sapphire stones nearly designed in the shape of a square. The square rests on an 18kt gold band. Choose this design for your loved one who is seeking the powers of the yellow sapphire stone to work its magic. The ring is a popular choice amongst women who wear this with festive sarees and other outfits.

We’ve got choices for everyday wear as well as special occasions too. Our yellow sapphire rings prices are wide-ranging too, so don’t worry. Go browse the collection of yellow sapphire ring designs online and choose as you please. We also offer discounts on certain pieces online so you do not want to miss this opportunity.

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