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Everyday Jewellery Designs for Every Woman

A woman starts putting together her jewellery collection at a very young age. Take your own case. You probably still have your first pair of hoops, or even a single hoop, for keepsake. This growing collection is your everyday jewellery.

Everyday jewellery designs are ones that can be worn every day, day and night, to college, to work and on special occasions. They can be basic and exquisite; universal yet unique. That’s the charm of everyday jewellery designs. The everydayness of it is what makes it a must-have.

Usually, your everyday jewellery designs are safely guarded in a box that goes with you wherever your feet carry you. It’s definitely a reflection of your ever-changing personality. For bold days, you will bring out your big, wide dangly hoops. For demure and muted occasions, you might just choose to throw on the studs that your aunt got you in 12th grade. Everyone’s a contributor - your best friend, boyfriend, mother, sister, cousin, colleague, and that’s the most charming feature of your everyday jewellery box.

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But what was once reserved for the cheap and affordable, is slowly making room for slightly more high budget ones. This typically begins when you start making some money of your own and your choices become expensive. Women across the globe have come to embrace this phenomenon and are now choosing to spend more than a few bucks on everyday jewellery designs that transcend time. Jewellery designers too have come to recognise this and have begun to dedicate their creations to everyday jewellery too. But that’s not the only thing that has changed with time. You can buy everyday jewellery online too.

Everyday Jewellery Designs, for Everyday Wear, and for Everybody

BlueStone offers customers just that. If you are looking for everyday wear in precious stones and metal, then look no further. BlueStone has an exhaustive range of everyday jewellery designs that will have any woman swoon. You can now shop for everyday jewellery online too. All you need to do is click, click, click and voila! You are sure to be spoilt for choice with the collection offered by BlueStone.


The Astarte Earrings are the classic diamond studs every woman must own. They are versatile yet so classy! The earrings are nothing but simple specks of cut diamonds set in 18kt gold. Throw them on with Indian wear and watch them sparkle or wear it to work with your pantsuit and make it count!

The Sirfar Earrings add a new twist to the classic hoops. Mix 18kt gold with diamond stones and you have a fine pair of everyday wear! They’re not too big that they take away all the attention from your clothes but strong enough to make a unique fashion statement. They’re sturdy and come with a firm clasp as a locking system to keep them in place. A must-have for sure, if you’re looking to step up the value of your everyday jewellery collection. These can even be worn as party earrings. Fun is in its design!

The Mombasa Earrings are a favourite with a lot of our customers. Imagine a pair of earrings studded with diamonds for daily wear. Exquisite, isn’t it? No yellow to break the seamlessness of diamonds and white gold. They’ll do all the sparkling for you! A customisable version of the Mombasa Earrings is the dangles version. With a simple extended loop, you can have a dangle which, when worn with anything from informal salwar suit to a saree, can illuminate even the dreariest of days. Check them out!


If you are looking for a pendant for everyday use, why not go for the Erasmus Pendant. The pendant comes in 18kt gold and studded with diamonds.


Looking for something romantic? Go for the Ziel Ring. Featuring a heart shape in diamond, the ring makes for the perfect piece of everyday jewellery for the romantic in you.

Another favourite from the collection that seems to be a hit with women is the Ipsa Ring. The ring comes in 18kt gold and is studded with diamonds.

The great thing about BlueStone’s everyday jewellery range is that you can shop for it online. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your desk to land on your hands on these beauties. We have kept our everyday jewellery price reasonable. Find your favourites from BlueStone’s collection and order away.

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