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Earrings; Your Little Girl’s First Piece of Jewellery

In India, a baby girl’s ears are typically pierced within the first few years of her life. This is, in fact, a Hindu tradition known as Karna vedha sanskar. A baby’s ears are usually pierced with a gold wire that is then fashioned into a hoop earring. As the piercing heals and the child grows older, this wire is then substituted with more attractive kids's earring designs like the Arabelle Kids Huggies or the Dearly Embrace Earrings for Kids.

Delicate and Dainty Kids's Earring Designs for Infants

When buying kids's earring designs for very young girls, it is essential to pick something that will not get entangled in their clothes and that they cannot pull. For this reason, stud earrings like the Lovely Bow Earrings for Kids and the Flower of Innocence Earrings for Kids are two of our most popular designs. Alternatively, you could pick studs with your child’s birthstone. For example, if your little girl was born in February you could let her wear the Taren Earring for Kids with an Amethyst stud while if she was born in June, she could wear the Classic Pearl Stud for Kids.

Hoops for the Playful Little Girl

Hoops are another popular style of kids's earring designs. While you may like to wear big hoops, when you pick hoops for your little one, pick a small hoop that she cannot tug at. Also ensure that they have a secure locking mechanism so that even if your baby does pull her earrings, they do not come off. When it comes to hoop designs, you could buy kids's earring designs like the Alluring Heart Earrings for Kids and the Sussie Kids Huggies or hoops with dangling charms like the playful Happy Bird Kids Detachable Huggies or the Whisker Rabbit Kids Detachable Huggies. The beauty of these earrings is that she can wear them without the charms on a daily basis and slip the charms on when going out for something special.

Add a Splash of Colour with Enamelled Kid’s Earring Designs

When buying clothes for little ones, you look for dresses that are bright and colourful so why shouldn’t you do the same when you buy kids’s earrings online. There are mainly two ways, jewellery can be made colourful. The first is by embellishing the gold or platinum with gemstones as seen in the Pretty Butterfly Earrings for Kids and the Red Heart Earrings for Kids. The second and more popular way of adding colour to children’s earrings is by enamelling the gold. An enamel finish gives you a number of colours to choose from. If pink is your little girl’s favourite, gift her, the Magic Unicorn Earrings for Kids but if she likes something brighter, you could give her the yellow Bumble Bee Earrings for Kids. Alternatively, you could make her wear the Colour Mist Earrings for Kids that will match all her outfits.

Danglers for the Little Girl who likes to be in the Spotlight

A mother is a girls’ first role model especially when it comes to style. So, when you take off your everyday earrings to wear something special for a party, she will want to do the same. In such cases, colourful danglers that can be matched to her outfit are ideal earring designs. For example, if she is wearing a blue dress, you could give her the Peace out Earrings for Kids but if she’s wearing a pink dress, she could wear the Adaliz Earrings for Kids to complete her outfit. Alternatively, you could buy her the Princess Pearl Earrings for Kids or the Elsa Heart Earrings for Kids that will complement all colours.

Buy Kid’s Earrings Online at BlueStone

When you buy earrings for your little one, you should involve her in the process as well. It might not be feasible to walk in and out of stores with a little girl and hence you could look at online shopping. All our designs are crafted using nickel free gold and certified gemstones. To help match your child’s favourite design to your budget, you can even customise the purity of gold to reduce kids's earrings prices. For example, the Reggina Earrings for Kids can be crafted from 18kt gold or 14kt gold depending on your budget.

So what are you waiting for? Sit down with your princess, go through the range, and pick a pair of earrings that will widen her smile. Opt for our home try-on offer so that she can try the pieces on before she decides which ones to pick.

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