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Navaratnam Collection Rings

Satiate your Love for Gemstones with Navaratnam Collection Rings

Navaratnam or the nine gems in jewellery designs have withstood the changing scenery of the fashion world. There were days when one had to choose from the mundane models exhibited in the showcase of jewellery stores. It’s time to bid goodbye to these boring models as we introduce the navaratnam collection ring designs which show you that wearing traditional jewellery need not be the same anymore. Buy navartnam collection rings online from BlueStone and display your sense of fashion as well as your respect for tradition.

As per the Vedic tradition, wearing navaratnas in jewellery is considered to balance the effect of the nine planets that influence our lives. The ruby is placed at the centre and the rest of the eight stones are arranged around the ruby. It is widely believed that wearing such an arrangement in a ring design shall help in attracting good luck and fortune.

Buy Navaratnam Collection Ring Designs for Your Special Occasions

Our navaratnam collection ring designs offer a range of options for both men and women. Astrologers suggest that women wear the navaratnam ring on the ring finger of their left hand and men on their right hand. The popular Vidhata Aakar Ring is a classic square-shaped design of the nine gems and men can wear this as part of festive celebrations too. If you are fashion conscious, you can add a dash of white gold in the Dev Raj Ring and up the style quotient.

For women, we have the Shreya Ring with the oyster-shaped diamonds arranged around the nine gems. The Ambar Kosh Ring is a similar design with the diamonds clutching the navaratnams from either side. The Nootan Pushp Ring has a unique design with the tulip-shaped petals inside the ring that look enticing. The Jamini Ring with the mighty oval-shaped ruby in the centre is a new age design that modern women will love to sport.

Navaratnams as Your Workwear

If the festive collection has a grand and celebratory look, the workwear range have ring designs that will blend in with your office wear with an understated elegance.

Our best-selling Nav Kavach Ring is shaped like a shield with the navaratnams embedded inside. The Pushpanajali Ring is a simple and classic ode to your delicate fingers. The angular and linear patterns of the Surya Kiran Ring have the sunshine like rays and will gracefully adorn your fingers with an unobtrusive pattern.

The Vivedh Tej Ring with the white gold border has the nine gems arranged in a distinctive pattern. The Aaditya Nav Ring with the open centre creates an illusion of space and adds a slender charm to your hands when adorned.

Party and Weekend Specials: Grace the Party in Style

Our party ready navaratnam collection ring designs are ornate and opulent. The Neer Ratna Ring is an exceptional and innovative design for wearing the navaratnams. The nine gems are arranged on a horizontal linear pattern on the ring. This multi-colour marvel definitely has a party ring to it, don’t you think. Wear the Naveen Darpan Ring with the nine gems placed around a grand ruby and that’s not all. There are diamonds placed in between the navaratnams too. The shimmering diamonds combined with the colourful gemstones is a perfect party wear accessory for you.

If you are looking for designs with diamonds along with the navaratnams then you are at the right place. Our weekend collection has some bold and breathtaking navaratnam collection ring designs for you. Our Manisha Ring is a fun design with the navaratnams set on an oval-shaped diamonds encrusted ring. Shubha Ring is another exceptional design where eight diamonds envelop the single ruby in the centre and the navaratnams are placed on the edge of these diamonds.

We have an unmatched range of navaratnam rings for you to shop from. Check out our alluring range today and customise select pieces in 14kt and 18kt gold and that’s not all. Our navaratnam collection rings’ prices are easy on your pockets too.

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