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When it comes to making a style statement, there’s nothing better accessories! No matter how glamorous or simple your outfit is, accessories make a hell lot of difference to your entire personality. Fashion experts consider earrings to be an eternal part of this styling process. The first thing that anyone notices are your earrings, and if you are pairing the wrong kind of earrings with the outfit, you can truly be a fashion disaster! 

Interesting History behind Earrings

Drop or dangle earrings, as a few may call it, are designed to hang below the bottom of the earlobes. These earrings are attached to the ear via a thin wire that is inserted through the earlobe and connect to the earring at the back. Phew sounds complicated! Well, it isn’t that complicated to wear at all. 

Did you know, in ancient times, earrings were worn to warn away evil souls! It was believed that evil souls and spirits can enter the body through openings, and then can take control of the body and the mind! In order to make sure the ear opening successfully closed, earrings were won. That’s some kind of interesting beginning to the entire era of earrings, isn’t it? 

However, the history improves in a more positive way, by the Roman era. During the Roman Empire times, women used to wear earrings to show off their riches. It was believed that earrings used to define one’s social status, and was a sign of prosperity and wealth. 

During the Middle Ages and in the 1850s, earrings lost their appeal, as fashion attention turned towards different hairstyles. In the 1920s, clip on earrings was in fashion, as people considered it to be more a sanitised way of wearing earrings, instead of piercing the ear. It was only by the 1970s that earrings gained popularity, and piercing was no longer seen as a non-sanitised process. Since then the styles and sizes of earrings have been evolving. 

The Dangling Earrings 

The drop earrings are said to draw attention to the neck and shoulders, due to their length. So, there’s a lot of attention given to the facial profile. In general, drop earring designs have gemstones towards the end, so as to attract more eyes! And the gemstones chosen have relevant cuts, to make sure the light is attracted, thus making the earrings to glitter.

Just like any other earring, drop earrings too come in silver, gold, platinum, and white gold makes. The gold drop earrings are the most valuable ones, but due to the affordability factor, people prefer silver or platinum earrings over white gold ones. 

The platinum drop earrings are made out of pure platinum, almost 97 percent of the platinum used is pure. If you look at other drop earrings price then you will surely find the platinum ones really expensive. 

In general gold drop earrings are comparatively cheaper because most jewellers make the gold earrings by using a mix of gold and other alloys. Also, gold drop earrings work best with most outfits and hairstyles. As far as the silver earrings are concerned, you will finders lovers and haters of the metal. Some hate it because it tarnishes easily while others love it because of its look and appearance proximity to platinum jewellery or white gold jewellery

Offerings at BlueStone

At BlueStone, the online jewellery store, one can easily find a wide range of drop earrings. The variety of chandelier earrings that fall under the drop earrings categories, is simply mesmerising. The Ratnajyoti collection at BlueStone needs a mention, due to its unique design! It spells craftsmanship at its best. If you wish to buy drop earrings online then BlueStone should be your one-stop destination. 

Pair the drop earrings with evening gowns or casual outfits, and be the show-stopper! Just remember, the longer the earrings, the heavier they will be. So, make your choice wisely.


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