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22k Ring Designs: Many Rings and One Caratage

In the legendary fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien weaved a thrilling tale of a ring called the One Ring that possessed powers beyond imagination. We have also been fascinated with stories about King Solomon’s Ring, a magic ring that gave him supernatural powers that let him communicate with animals and genies. In the story of the Beauty and the Beast, the beauty could return to the beast’s castle by turning the magic ring thrice around her finger. Magic rings have been an integral part of the various fairy tales and fantasies we have heard while growing up. At Bluestone, you can rediscover the charm of rings with our 22k ring designs

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The two great Indian mythologies Ramayana and Mahabharata have delightful tales about rings. Lord Ram’s signet ring proves to Sita that Hanuman is the trusted messenger of the Lord. In Mahabharata, King Dushyant gives his royal ring to Shakuntala as a token of their love. The loss of the ring and the eventual reunion of the couple are immortalised in many stories.

Feel the magic; let your fingers do the talking. At BlueStone we have a growing range of 22k ring designs that let you relive the tales you have been enchanted with. The patterns, layers, contours, and textures are vivacious and captivating. Complete in every way, these everyday and special occasion rings can be your signature statement.

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We have an array of designs for men in our 22k ring collection. The Ashton Ring, the Pinnacle Ring, and the Chivalrous Prince Ring are minimalist traditional designs in gold.

Leonardo literally translates as ‘brave lion’ in Latin, while Richard means ‘brave power’ in German. We have recreated royalty in our Leanardo and Richard Rings. The Citadel Ring is artfully designed in the shape of a castle. The capstan shaped Nautical Mechanism Ring is for the big boys who love their machines and mechanics. The Brad Ring, the Clive Ring, and the Denzel Ring are handsome pieces with contrasting colours.

The Rachel Ring for women and the Woven Glory Ring for men have an exclusive knit pattern. The matching Soulmate Ring and the Sound of Love Band for Him and Her shall proclaim your wedded bliss in solid gold.

Add Floral Twirls to Your Style Statements

Say it with flowers with our simple and cute Freida Ring. The Gwyneth Ring and the Entwined Appeal Ring in the floral theme can be your routine office wear accomplice. The Calla Ring in the lily flower pattern and the Twirled Wonder Ring are designed to dazzle. The floral crisscross patterns of the Emily Ring and the Floral Lattice Ring pack a stylish punch.

The Charlize Ring with a floral pendant attached to it and the Daring Femme Ring with sharp angular cuts are definitely show stopper designs.

For the diamond lovers, we have The Maiya Ring with a single diamond in gold - a basic pattern that never goes out of style. The Olina Ring and the Anuja Ring are more options with diamonds in this category.

We capture your religious sentiments too in our 22k rings collection. The Yashashvi Om Ring for men and the Om Prakash Ring for women are imprinted with the sacred syllable Om. The Ganesha Benevolence Ring with the image of a tusker is graceful and subtle.

Owning a ring from BlueStone is easy as we have kept our 22k rings prices reasonable. Go ahead, shop from the convenience of your home and add some magic to your wardrobe with these small wonders.

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