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22k Gold Ring Designs: A Ring for Everyone, a Ring for Every Occasion

There are perhaps few other ornaments that can match the allure of a finely crafted gold ring. And never judge a ring by its size. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in style quotient. Sometimes it’s the intricacy of designs and sometimes it’s the appeal of the yellow metal that makes people for this tiny piece of jewellery. Whatever the reasons are, gold rings have always had a steady fan base among jewellery lovers. From being a fashion asset to a treasured trinket and an everyday ornament to a visual marker of marital status, gold rings play many roles with ease. For the lovers of the yellow metal, we at BlueStone offer an ever-growing range of 22k gold ring designs crafted with creativity and to perfection.

22k Gold Ring Designs: The Perfect Blend of Beauty and Purity

When it comes to crafting gold jewellery in breath-taking designs, 22 carat or 22k gold is the best option. While 24k gold is the purest form of the yellow metal, it is certainly not the preferred caratage to create ornaments with elaborate designs because it is not strong enough to be moulded into durable jewellery. If you are looking for purity and durability, 22k gold is your best bet, without any doubt.

When considered in terms of purity, gold rings in their 22k form clearly outshine their 18k and 14k counterparts. Unsurprisingly, 22k gold ring designs are among the most preferred jewellery items worn by both men and women. With these rings, one gets the perfect combination of pure gold and remarkable designs. When you buy 22k gold ring designs, you are buying gold with a purity of 91.67 %.

The Vibrant Collection of 22k Gold Ring Designs at BlueStone

We at BlueStone know that selecting the perfect 22k gold ring design for yourself or for your loved one is no small task. That is why our designers bring to you a vibrant and wide-ranging collection of rings. With our plethora of designs and styles at your disposal, you won’t be short of choice, ever.

Take, for instance, the floral ring designs in our collection. Among our signature pieces from this category are the Fiery Passion Ring and the Entwined Leafy Ring. The former is a celebration of enamelled beauty highlighting a combination of sunny yellow and sizzling red while the latter is a two-tone design fit for parties, anniversaries, and gifting.

For couples who want to express their love for each other in an endearing way, we have uniquely designed couple band rings in 22k gold. Our Soulmate Ring for Him and the Soulmate Ring for Her are a celebration of the classic band style. For the hearts in love, we offer the Sound of Love Band for Him and its female counterpart.

We have lightweight rings that you wouldn’t usually come across in a conventional collection. Our Guardian Om Ring, the Om Kantha Ring, and the Sovereign Flower Ring are some fine cases in point. While the first two designs allow modern men to flaunt their love for jewellery on festive occasions and express their faith, the latter is for the women of today who can wear it to her office every day or flaunt it on festive occasions and vacations.

Fancy a ring with intertwined patterns? Pick a piece from our Entangled Ode collection. The Emma Ring and the Emily Ring are two fast-moving items in this category. Created for the modern fashionistas, these rings are showstoppers in themselves. 

Come, Lose Your Heart to BlueStone’s 22k Gold Ring Designs

It's often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. At BlueStone, our 22k gold ring designs are sure to capture your eyes and heart alike. From festive rings and party rings to everyday wear and officewear, you name it and we have it all for both men and women.

Take a glance at our Leonardo Ring and Heroic Soldier Ring. The trendy design of these men’s rings makes them an ideal pick for a variety of special occasions. The Charlize Ring and the diamond-studded Maiya Ring for women are exceptional designs that can be flaunted as officewear rings and on festive occasions. If you are looking for a party ring, you can never go wrong with our Freida Ring or the Calla Ring. Trendy and stylish, both rings are created to pamper the fashionista in you.

When you buy 22k gold rings online from BlueStone, you will come across many such exceptional designs that will make your heart yearn to own them all. Worry not! Our 22k gold ring prices are within a highly affordable range, so you need not stop at purchasing just one piece.

Buy 22k Gold Ring Designs for Him, Her, and Both

When you want to surprise your mate with a special anniversary gift, choose the Woven Glory Ring or the Sovereign Ruler Ring for Him, both featuring eye-catching designs. Equally attractive are our Floral Order Ring and the Peacock Vivacity Ring, the beauty of which will sweep your lady off her feet.

Is gender-neutral jewellery your style? We have got you covered with our unisex ring designs that include simple yet elegant pieces like the Ashton Ring and the Richard Ring. If you fancy an intertwined pattern or a floral design, choose our Nicole Ring or the Rachel Ring. When you have our 22k unisex gold rings in your collection, you needn’t hesitate to share your jewellery box with your partner or sibling.

Whatever be your style or occasion, BlueStone has the perfect 22k gold ring to adorn your fingers. In order to cater to our varied customer base, we have kept our 22k gold ring prices within a competitive range. Explore our range and get ready for a wonderful shopping experience.

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