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A Ring for Every Man: Men’s 22k Gold Ring Designs

Whoever says jewellery is only for women hasn’t paid proper attention to history. Look at the kings and emperors of ancient times. Look at the European noblemen of past centuries. Look at the Maharajas of India. In any old painting or portrait you come across, they can be seen sporting jewellery, very elaborate at that. Jewellery – whether it is the scarab beetle pendants of the pharaohs or the signet rings of the Romans or the gemstone neckpieces of erstwhile Indian kings – was an integral part of men’s look. 

With time, the style of jewellery favoured by men has evolved into simpler, minimal forms. Men no longer wear strands of pearls or diamonds around their necks. However, one form of jewellery that is as popular with men today as it was centuries ago is a gold ring. There are many different styles of men’s rings and many reasons for which they are worn.

At BlueStone we have them all. Wedding, religious, fashion or officewear, you will find the right ring here with right amounts of sparkle and glitter. If you are looking for new designs in men’s 22k gold rings, let’s take a closer look at these rings.

Make a Fashionable Expression of Your Faith

How about making an expression of your religious beliefs? You can buy men’s 22k gold rings designs that feature religious symbols and motifs. Rings with religious symbolism can function as reminders of one’s faith as well as sources of strength in trying times. When you buy from us, you don’t have to fall short on the bling quotient either!

The Ganesha Benevolence Ring is one of the most favoured amongst our collection of religious rings. Some religious rings have universal appeal. For example, the Om symbol holds a special place for both Hindus and non-Hindus because of its calmness and meditative aura. Thus, rings like the Om Kantha Ring and the Guardian Om Ring are some of our bestselling designs.

Spruce Up Your Look with Bands

The band style ring is the second most popular ring worn by men. A band ring can be described as a broad band with or without surface embellishments. Take, for instance, the Soulmate Ring for Him. It is a fine example of a classic band – plain, simple, with no embellishments whatsoever! If you are looking for a wedding band, this is a perfect pick. The good news is you can find a matching design – the Soulmate Ring for Her – for your bride too. 

There are more to choose from.

Take, for instance, the Pinnacle Ring from our men’s 22k gold rings collection. This also makes a great choice for a wedding ring. The Sound of Love Band for Him is yet another popular pick for men who are about tie the knots. This ring, as the name suggests, features the heartbeat symbol. What better choice for a wedding ring, eh? The Sovereign Ruler Ring is a great piece of jewellery to make a style statement with.

Sport the Royal Cham of Signet Rings

The signet ring was very popular among the kings and nobility of Rome and other ancient empires. It can be described as a narrow band with a broad face that has been inscribed or embossed with a crest o monogram. The stamp of a man’s signet ring on a document was once considered as reliable as a signature.

Today, it is no longer used to seal letters but is simply an heirloom to be passed down from father to son. You may have also seen your grandfather wearing a signet ring. Even if you haven’t inherited a signet ring from your forefathers, you can buy similar rings such as the Chivalrous Prince Ring for yourself.

The Masculine Appeal of Grooved Rings

As the name suggests, these rings are band rings with self-engraved designs created with etched grooves. These rings have a masculine appeal and a solid look. They could have a single groove running along the circumference of the ring or multiple grooves as seen in the True Love Band for Him.

It is not necessary that the grove follows a straight line. For example, the Leonardo Ring features a wide groove that zigzags from the right to the left side of the ring. Some of our best men’s 22k gold rings like the George Ring feature grooves that have been polished in with a contrasting colour.

How to Buy Men’s 22k Gold Rings?

Just as you buy furniture and gadgets online, you can also buy men’s 22k gold rings online. The term 22kt stands for the purity of the gold. Gold, in its purest form, is valued as 24kt. However, pure gold is soft and cannot hold its shape if we use it for making jewellery. To make the metal harder, other metals such as zinc and copper are alloyed with pure gold. 22kt gold has 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of another metal. This can only be used for solid gold jewellery. Jewellery that is studded with precious or semi-precious stones must be made in 18kt gold.

The purity of gold used also affects the price of a piece of jewellery. For example, you can customise our designs based on your preferred carat value and the cost of the Legendary Ring in 22kt gold is higher than its 18kt and 14kt versions. Thus, if you find our men’s 22k gold rings price a little above your budget, you can simply lower its carat value.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Size

When buying trendy men’s 22k gold rings online, you must also check the ring size. At BlueStone, the size of rings ranges from 6 to 30. If your ring size happens to fall between two sizes, we recommend you for the larger size. But don’t worry if the ring you bought is a little too right or loose. We have customer-friendly return policies and even the option to try your favorite designs at home.

The best is yet to come.

Many of our designs like the Heroic Soldier Ring and the Citadel Ring can be delivered within 24 hours in select cities.

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