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Stay Organised, Work Hard, Shine Always with Officewear Jewellery Designs

They say you should dress for the job you want and what better way to infuse life into your wardrobe than pairing it with beautiful jewellery? Choosing jewellery for officewear, however, is not an easy task. Any stylist will tell you that jewellery in a professional setting needs to dance a fine balance between showcasing your personality without being loud and distracting. We, at BlueStone, understand exactly what you need to spruce up our professional look and this is why we have put together an alluring collection of officewear jewellery designs just for you. Our collection goes the extra mile to give you elegant pieces that perfectly complement your professional outfit, be it formal or semi-formal, western or Indian. As all truly beautiful things do, these designs complement you without stealing away all the attention.

Ring in a New Look with Officewear Rings

Whether you’re in an important meeting or you’re explaining a concept to your colleague, you often do a lot of talking with our hands. Gentle gestures add meaning to our explanations and are unconsciously made. This is why adorning your fingers with a sparkling jewel makes it all the more appealing. Take, for instance, the Amaryllis Ring that features a radiant pink sapphire. This pink beauty is the perfect way you can express yourself without having to say a word. For a more ornate piece, the Rachel Ring is a broad band of interwoven yellow-gold. This intricate pattern adds depth to any outfit and suits western formal wear as well as Indian, equally well. The Woven Glory Ring also features a complex pattern in gold, offering a similar design.

In the office collections trending this season, white is the new yellow! The Sabria Ring and the Serra Ring are some of the bestselling office rings in our white gold collection. Two-tone pieces like the Embrace Ring and the Sofia Ring are also perfect picks for your officewear collection. Classy and trendy, these rings are neutral enough to complement your office outfits quite effortlessly.

Buy Officewear Jewellery Designs for a Second Look: Bangles and Bracelets

Discreetly designed, bracelets and bangles from our officewear collection are handcrafted to add grace and charm to any outfit. A chain-link piece featuring three-petal flowers, the Caressing Flora Bracelet is the perfect way to give your pantsuit a feminine elegance. The Astounding Shell bracelet is meant to be more impactful. Made from 22kt gold, this fashionable bracelet has a central, elliptically shaped shell. Other simple and graceful designs in the collection include the Oval Melody Bracelet in gold the Leaf Lace Bracelet in white gold.

Compared to bracelets, bangles are a tricky affair in an office set-up. You need something simple and classy to adorn your wrists; it should be beautiful, but shouldn’t be too heavy or ornate. BlueStone’s officewear bangle collection is created keeping mind all these factors and here you will find pieces that abound in beauty and subtlety. The Miles to Go Bangle and the Widyat Bangle are two fine cases in point. These white gold bangles creatively designed, but they keep the stonework to a minimum. The Simara Bangle, the Obele Bangle, and the Sameena Bangle are some of the bestselling pieces in this collection.

Got a Nose for Fashion? Buy Officewear Jewellery Online

Want to add some spunk to your workwear without losing your professional look? Well, nose pins have been part of Indian fashion for centuries, and now BlueStone brings you elevated designs that you can wear to your workspace! These minimalist designs go well with both western ensembles as well as Indian ethnic. Pieces like the Delphinium Nose Pin and the Galaxy Nose Pin feature a single diamond on a yellow-gold setting. While this adds a glint to your face, it does not take away from your professional look. If you’re looking for a more unusual design, the Kosara Nose Ring is just what you need! This curved yellow-gold nose gives you just enough spunk to get noticed without being distracting.

Buy Officewear Jewellery Designs that Speak of Your Style: Pendants and Earrings

On a hectic, tiresome day, earrings can be real saviours. Not only do they lift up your face instantly, but also help radiate a cool and confident look. For a woman who likes to keep things simple and minimalistic, plain gold earrings like the Gold Leaf Earring are a great choice. If you want the sparkle of diamonds to brighten up your day, go for the Yumalis Earrings in gold or the Airell Earrings in white gold. Hoops and pearls are also trending in the office jewellery collections of this season. Be part of this trend by choosing the Vivaciously Designed Earrings or the Ava Earrings.

In pendants, we have contemporary designs like the Melodic Journey Pendant and floral pieces like the Playful Flora Pendant to complement your professional look. If you have a thing for gemstones, go for our colourful pendants that include Mirella Pendant and the Grand Allure Pendant. Plain gold pieces like the Sovereign Flower Pendant and pearl-studded patterns like the Marina Pendant are also valuable additions to your officewear collection.

Officewear Jewellery Designs for Men

Menfolk, despair not. We have got just the right pieces of officewear jewellery to complement your professional attire. From the Path to Success Ring to the Confident Male Ring, just as their name suggest, are your companions on your journey to success. The Daring Hero Pendant and the Fame Bracelet are some of the hot-selling items in our men’s officewear jewellery collection. Whether you’re aiming to impress in the boardroom or you are just beginning to climb the ladder, finely crafted officewear jewellery is never out of place. Tasteful and elegant, this collection aims to make you feel special every single day. With the officewear jewellery price being kept competitive, BlueStone ensures that you are always able to look your best.

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