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Solving the Office Dilemma with Officewear Bangles

Deciding the simplest and best outfits for your office can be quite a hassle. Dealing with shoes and matching pieces of jewellery could be a greater challenge. How about solving some jewellery riddles together? The number of pieces of jewellery must be limited especially while heading to work. While some corporates impose a specific limit on the pieces, the others are relatively lenient. In either case, the main motto of officewear jewellery is to be simple enough not to obstruct workflow in any way. Talking of officewear bangle designs, there are umpteen options available at BlueStone. Depending on the formal attire you flaunt at work, choose the bangle wisely that matches every outfit of the week from our growing collection.

Keeping It Light and Simple: Buy Officewear Bangle Designs

Officewear jewellery comprises of the most subtle hues and classy patterns. This does not make them drab or boring. It merely means that they lack the complex designs that are rather loud or showy in nature. Simplicity is elegant and this is what the basic range of officewear bangle designs at BlueStone stands up to. Take a look at the simple, plain patterns of the Simara Bangle, the Verena Bangle, and the Sameena Bangle. These bangles not only have smoothened edges, but their circumference contains just simple diamond studs. They make for great formal wear. Available in both yellow and white gold versions, while the first one has diamonds jutting atop, the latter two have diamonds set within the outer smooth rim of the bangle. Glance through the officewear bangles price across the series and take your pick.

The Twists and Bends

Here is a range of designs with a slight twist in the literal sense. Buy officewear bangle designs from a series that has interesting overlapping and bent patterns. What we mean is the series in this collection adds a unique touch to the otherwise drab officewear routine. Maintaining simplicity and elegance, these patterns add style to your personality. Take a look at the overlapping clasp of the Grazia Bangle. It is embellished with diamonds around the centre, with a button to release the clasp. Then there is the Ryuni Bangle with its wavy waist full of individual diamonds studded in small and big alternating specs. Some of the other overlapping arms include the patterns of the Obele Bangle and the Alhyna Bangle with central diamonds adding to the valour. A v-shaped cluster of diamonds can be found in the twists of the Behrokh Bangle. Ever considered wearing two bangles as one? Well, this is exactly what the twining twists of the two-rimmed bangles looks like. Check out the beauty of the Izar Bangle and the Synced Affection Bangle. Irrespective of the category you delve into, you can buy officewear bangle designs from the convenience of your homes.

Of Circles and Spheres: Buy Officewear Bangles Online

Pretty circles and spheres form pretty little compositions so fresh and new that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes of them. Exhibiting sheer brilliance and radiance are perfect pieces like the Artiya Bangle, the Storyteller Saga Bangle, the Candid Journey Bangle, the Forever and Beyond Bangle and the Miles to Go Bangle. If these are not exactly what you are looking for and want something bolder and louder, you ought to check out the beautiful concentric circles of the Avizeh Bangle infused with diamonds. Talking of circles, you just cannot get enough of the simplicity of design in the Widyat Bangle. One of the most exotic pieces of the category is the Shellina Bangle, with its small ruby and diamond studs and larger catchy pearls right at the top. Many pieces from this category could transition into party wear or cocktail gatherings soon after office too. They are sleek and subtle, but glamorous and bold at the same time.

This season save time and buy officewear bangles online from BlueStone’s exhaustive range. Have a good time shopping with us.

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