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On a perfectly normal day, you might not fuss much about your jewellery or accessories. You get up in the morning, pick an outfit, team it with matching jewellery, and march out in style. You are happy and the world is beautiful. The end of the story. But things get different (a lot different, actually) the moment someone invites you to a party. You feel somewhat unsure about your earrings; when you have the right earrings, you don’t know whether you have the perfect piece of necklace; even the rings, bracelets, and pendants which you consider as the pride of your collection fail you miserably. You badly wish you had a fairy godmother, like the one in the Cinderella story, who will get you the right jewellery with one swish of her wand and then you realise that you don’t live in the fairyland. But wait, why worry over fairy godmothers and magical jewellery when you can buy marvellous party jewellery designs at BlueStone?

Party Jewellery designs: Changing times, changing trends

Do you constantly worry about wearing the right kind of jewellery to parties? Thank your stars that you were not born as a lady in the Victorian period. Ever since humans started socialising, there have been social gatherings of some kind or the other and naturally, people wore their best jewellery and outfits to such gatherings. However, during the eighteenth century elaborate and lavish parties became the centre of social life and not to mention the hullabaloo regarding what to wear and what not to wear on such occasions. Women wore expensive pieces of ornaments to flaunt their wealth and style. If a woman wore a piece of exquisite jewellery, that sure became the talk of the town but only till another woman wore something more expensive or stylish at the next party. Back then, there was no end to the fortune people spent just for buying party jewellery designs.

Buy party jewellery designs online

A major trend in party jewellery was brought in by the American prom parties, thanks to the young students who preferred wearing inexpensive jewellery made of non-precious metals and faux stones. This trend was further strengthened by the advent of fashion jewellery. In India, however, parties were almost always a family affair conducted as part of weddings and festivals, but with the onset of corporate culture, more and more people are attending formal parties and when they do, they prefer wearing ornaments that fit the occasion. The good news is that today, you need not deplete your fortune like the Victorians to buy fashion jewellery designs; nor do you have to limit your fashion statements to faux stones or gold-plated metals. With online jewellers like BlueStone offering their premium collections of gold and diamond party jewellery, you can stand out in any party and make a unique style statement.

Buy party jewellery designs from BlueStone

From stylish earrings to funky pendants we have everything a party goer long for. Take a look at some of our popular pieces.

Party Jewellery designs: Rings

At BlueStone we have an array of exquisitely crafted rings. The collection includes Exquisite Tulip Ring made of 18kt rose gold and embellished with diamonds. If pink is the theme of the party, Exquisite Tulip is your ring. The Bryttani Ring and the Rayla Ring in 18kt gold comes with stunning diamonds and are sure to make you stand out from the crowed. If you want to add a splash of colour to your party outfit, we suggest the Neer Ratna Ring. Made of 18kt gold, the ring is accented with diamonds and navaratna.

Party Jewellery designs: Pendants

BlueStone’s pendants are designed to enhance your unique look. Some of our popular pieces include the Mishka Pendant and the Aashika Pendant. Both the pendants are made of 18kt gold. The former is studded with diamond and ruby while the latter features diamond, emerald, and ruby. For the pearl lovers, we have the Abhitha Pendant and the Sanvali Pendant.

Slay the party in stylish BlueStone earrings

Parties have always been fashion affairs. We have the best earrings that will make you the centre of attraction. Our picks include the Ardeen Drop Earrings, The Imaginative Leaves Stud Earrings, and the Roksana Jhumka. These earrings are made of 18kt gold and are studded with stunning diamonds.

We have kept our part jewellery’s prices affordable so that you can buy everything you like without worrying about the budget. We also run deals on selected pieces. Explore our range and cart the ones you like right away.

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