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Where’s the Party Tonight? Women’s Party Bangle Designs

If there is a party you are invited to, it demands that you to dress up to the best of your ability. Get up, dress up, and show up is the new mantra for the upbeat, chic and fashion-savvy women. You can’t let the pressures and perils of dressing up ruin the fun. No one ever seems to give you a break and all eyes are on you all the time. As a fashionista, you do have a reputation to maintain, and that’s where our party bangle collection comes in. Our party bangle designs are trendy and eye-catching. From plain gold pieces to gemstone-studded ones and from lattice designs to flexible patterns, this collection has everything you need to spruce up your party look. Whether it is a wedding party or a weekend get-together, take advantage of these designs and savour all the admiration that comes your way.

Shine like a Diva with BlueStone’s Lattice Collection

Exceptional occasions call for exceptional designs and that’s why the creative designers at BlueStone have come up with the lattice collection for the modern day partygoers. Made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds, the pieces in this collection feature the traditional jali pattern. The glitter of gold and the unique latticework make these bangles ideal companions to ethnic outfits. Take, for instance, the Sheila Lattice Bangle and the Aneya Lattice Bangle. Designed in an intricate and artistic latticework, they feature an unbroken line of diamonds in the centre. The Manasa Lattice Bangle and the Kaavya Lattice Bangle are other signature pieces in the collection which appeal to the true fashionista in you. Buy them. Wear them. Flaunt them.

Dress to Impress with Our Entangled Ode Party Bangle Designs

Entangled Ode – sounds a little poetic doesn’t it? Well, there is a rhythmic flow in the intertwined designs that are featured in this category. Also, we dare say that they are no less artistic than a brilliant piece of literature. The Influential Structure Bangle stands out by dint of its out-of-the-way design. It can prove to be quite influential when it comes to getting you noticed. This plain gold bangle has a fusion element to it and it glamorously brings out the fashionista in you. 

Speaking of fashion, you might want to save the gorgeous Mila Bangle for really special occasions. This plain gold bangle not only has an intricate design but also carries an element of classiness in it. You can wear this 22kt bangle with any traditional or ethnic attire in your closet and get ready to woo admiration from every end of the room. In this category, we also have the Andrina Bangle and the Synced Affection Bangle to wrap you in substantial radiance and elegance.

Out-of-the-box Party Bangle Designs

Tired of wearing conventional round bangles every time you are headed to a party? We have come up with some out-of-the-box designs to leave you mesmerised. Our open bangle designs like the Shokufeh Oval Bangle and the Gulbahar Oval Bangle take your style quotient to another level altogether. The Nousha Haathphool is a one-of-a-kind trendy design that will give your party look an additional edge. If you have a thing for palm cuffs, go for our Aynaz Palm Cuff which has a finger ring attached to it with a thin golden chain. The Cora Flexible Bangle, on the other hand, is a quirky design with a high dose of panache. All these unconventional designs will double up as great conversation starters too. It goes without saying that they will make a few heads turn whenever you sport them in a party.

Fusion Party Bangle Designs that Fit Your Style Effortlessly

The fusion party bangle designs are as indulgent as it gets. They are incredibly ornate and breath-taking. These bangles are mostly made in yellow and white gold. From sleek to heavy, from trendy to traditional, and from minimum to extensive stonework, you will encounter a wide-ranging variety in this section. The Murari Bangle has an exquisite design that dresses you up in sleek fashion and stunning eloquence. Even in a teeming crowd, you can hardly go unnoticed by the virtue of this dazzling 18kt gold bangle. If you adore such designs and stonework, you can keep your options open with the Sreshta Bangle and the Iyelet Bangle from the same category.

Buy Party Bangles Online at Bluestone for Your Teens

Your darling daughters grow up faster than you can imagine and before you know it, they already have a social circle of their own. Trust us; they are pretty serious about their bling quotient. At BlueStone, we have a collection of teen bangles to glam up your princesses. Keeping in mind the fact that kids outgrow ornaments in a jiffy, we have added an adjustable chain and clasp to all these designs. The Jacey Bangle is a terrific design made of 18kt rose gold. Just like the Janaya and the Janey Bangle, it too has a floral design with complements the soft, pale rosy tone and conspires to drape your darling child in a princess-like glow. The Jaclyn Bangle and the Iona Bangle are just as exquisite, except that they are made in gold. Young or adult, there stylish allure is too strong to resist.

There are many more wonders in this collection and you will need to explore the length and breadth of our collection to get a good grip. While you are at it, you may also want to compare our party bangle prices which are highly competitive. So indulge in the pleasures of jewellery shopping, just choose the designs you like and leave the rest to us.

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