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Gemstone Bangle Designs: For the Love of Colours

While a woman might not wear a necklace on an ordinary day, she will rarely step out of the house without a pair of earrings and bangles. There are many different types of bangles, suitable for different occasions and styles. While slim, plain gold bangles are ideal for everyday wear, gemstone bangle designs are ideal for party wear and festive occasions. At BlueStone, we bring to you a fabulous range of gemstone bangles that will enhance your attire and make a powerful style statement. Whether you are looking for round bangles, oval bangles, or cuff bangles, we have the right designs for you in yellow and white gold. From simple single stone designs to multi-stone stunners studded with rubies, emeralds, and pearls, our collection offers a little something for every woman who loves colourful gemstone.

Buy Gemstone Bangle Designs that Make a Style Statement

There is no rule that says you must wear only one bangle at a time or that the bangles on both wrists must always match. Part of the beauty of slim bangles like the Selma Bangle and the Kirna Bangle is that they can be stacked up and worn together on the same wrist. Exquisite designs like the Antara Bangle can be worn as a simple piece with colourful ethnic outfits; the sparkling emeralds and vibrant rubies studded on this bangle add to its vow factor. If you’re looking for something that complements all your outfits, take a look at the Ulys Bangle, studded with amethysts and peridots.

Bangles say a lot about the style preferences and fashion quotient of a woman. A piece like the Nima Bangle is ideal for women who love colourful gemstones yet love to keep things simple. It features a simple yet elegant design where rubies and emeralds are studded alternatively on its gold body. The Nupur Bangle, made of gold and studded with 40 oval-shaped rubies, is ideal for making a powerful style statement. Bold designs like the Silas Cuff Bangle and the Asami Cuff Bangle are perfect for days when you want to feel unique and want experiment with new things.

Buy Gemstone Bangle Designs Online In White Gold

Gold doesn’t have to be yellow - it can be white or even rose! White gold is formed by alloying pure gold with nickel. The carat value of gold indicates the ratio of pure gold to other metals. White gold, gold or rose gold, all types of gold follow the same karat system. All our bangles are made in 18kt gold but some can also be custom made in 14kt gold. The lower the karat value, the lower the gemstone bangles price. White gold pairs beautifully with red stones like rubies and pink tourmalines. The Sweet Memory Bangle and the Flora Allure Bangle are two of our bestselling white gold bangle designs in our collection. If you’d prefer something classic like a pearl set in white gold, take a look at the Andrina Bangle.

Oval Bangles: Gemstone Bangle Designs with a Difference

Bangles are traditionally crafted in the form of a round ring that slips over your hand to rest on your wrist. Every woman has a different wrist size. For some, it is easy to slip a bangle on and off but others can find this very hard. Some women also feel that their wrists are too small in comparison to their hands and hence tell themselves that bangles do not suit them. Our designers have found a way to solve this problem –oval bangle designs. They, as the name suggests, are oval in shape and feature a clasp that allows them to open and close around your wrist. The Ocarina Bangle and the Timeless Charisma Bangle are two beautiful examples of oval gemstone bangles. Alternatively, bangles can also be designed to twist themselves on and off your wrist like the Bespoke Twister Bangle.

Know You Wrist Size Before You Buy Gemstone Bangles

Along with the design, it is also important for you to know your bangle size. This helps ensure that the bangle is not too loose so as to fall off your hand and not too tight either. Our bangles are available in a range of sizes varying from 2-2 to 2-16. If you do not know your bangle size, all you need to do is wind a strip of paper around the broadest part of your hand and measure the length till where the two ends meet. This is the circumference of a bangle that will fit your hand. Compare this length to a bangle size chart to find your bangle size. If it happens that the circumference measurement you have falls between two bangle sizes, pick the larger size.

Buy Gemstone Bangles Designs Online

Today you no longer have to rely on your local jeweller to find you a design you like. The best jewellery designs are only a click away on BlueStone. From pearls to rubies, we have some of the finest stones crafted in the most exquisite gemstone bangle designs. When it comes to gold bangles, you’re spoilt for choice and no matter what your style preferences may be, you’re sure to find something you like here.

While shopping online with us saves you the trouble to travelling to a store, we still offer you the chance to try on a piece of jewellery before you buy it. This is very beneficial for women who find it hard to buy gemstone bangle designs by merely looking at a few pictures of jewellery. For example, if you couldn’t decide whether you want an all-rubies piece like the Niti Bangle or a ruby and emerald stunner like the Urvi Bangle, don’t worry. We could send both the pieces to your home for you to try on before you decided which one looked better on your wrist. Now, are you ready to find the perfect bangles to sparkle on your wrists?

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