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Gemstone Ring Designs: When Creativity Speaks in Colours

From the die-hard fans of the classic style who like to keep their style quotient traditional to the modern fashionistas who are up to date with clothes and accessories, the ring is an essential piece of jewellery in everybody’s wardrobe. Rings made of plain gold exude timeless charm and rings studded with sparkling diamonds give an undeniable radiance to your looks.

But what is life without some colours? Yes, we are talking about gemstones here. Add the right bit of colours to your rings and they will transform you magically to the divas you truly are. The gemstone ring designs offered by BlueStone are a rhapsody of colours ranging from the radical red to brilliant blue, luxurious green to pastel pink, and not to forget the refreshing yellow and vivacious purple. Take a look at our collection and you will feel as if you are looking at a brilliantly written autobiography of colours!

Buy Gemstone Ring Designs in Pearls

Ah, pearls! These white beauties that speak of the wonders that are hidden deep within the ocean are a timeless classic and for a reason. Pearls go with just about everything, from the fine black dress to the heavily designed kancheevaram silk saree and all that lies in between. The Marina Ring is a simple design made of gold to spruce up your everyday look. The Dream Date Ring, a classic pearl ring with an aquamarine twist is the best pick for your special occasions. Or you can go for the hues of contrasting rubies along with pearls as in the Flora Allure Ring, if you are in the mood to dress up!

Our classic lightweight jewellery collection features some stunning patterns that combine the beauty of white pearls and the never-failing allure of gold. The simple yet elegant Aashni Ring and the layered Margo Ring with a precious pearl peeping out can be yours today. Go ahead and try these classic gemstone rings to give your style quotient an epic redefinition.

Colourful Gemstone Ring Designs to Spruce up Your Jewellery Collection

It’s about time you give your jewellery box a colourful twist with some of the iconic gemstone ring designs from our collection. The Camilla Lattice Ring has a radiant ruby on a delicate flower-shaped body. The Princess Blossom Ring showcases a blue topaz and is a signature cocktail ring you can wear to weekend parties and other royal galas.

Rubies and garnets are soul sisters that occur in beautiful shades of red. The price of garnets makes them a popular choice for women who like to revel in red without worrying about a hefty price tag. The Valiant Femme Ring in white gold comes with a garnet which adds on to the fiery passion this ring displays. For those who prefer the vivacity of rubies, we have the Klara Ring made of gold in a stunning contemporary pattern.

If soulful colours are what you are looking for, then we have the perfect gemstone ring designs for you. Shades of green are not just soothing to the eye; they are reminders of the Mother Nature in her pristine glory. Up your bling quotient with the sleek and slender bamboo shoots that are adorned with emerald stones in the Shelly Ring and the Luell Ring or dive into the depths of nature’s beauty with the Andrina Ring with a white pearl.

Buy Gemstone Rings Online for a Fashionable Display of Faith

For ages, many gemstones have been associated with the energy points or chakras located in the human body. Wearing gemstones specific to these chakras is believed to enhance the energy centres and balance the energy flowing through the body. Buy gemstone rings online from our Chakra jewellery collection and these thoughtfully created pieces are stylish enough to wear at any occasion. The Sacral Chakra Ring, the Heart Chakra Ring, and the Solar Plexus Chakra Ring are some of the hot-selling pieces in this collection. What’s more, our gemstone ring price range is in perfect harmony with your expectations. Check out the religious gemstone ring designs today and allow the energies of your body align naturally.

Love to stay up to date with the fashion world? Opt for some of the trendy open ring designs and two finger patterns featured in our collection. The Skylyn Ring is a popular pick and has contrasting pink sapphires and a blue topaz set in an open pattern. The Fatal Femme Ring is a two-finger ring that is bold and sensuous. Let the fashion icon in you live up to every occasion with these trendy picks.

Make Merry With the Multi-Stone Gemstone Ring Designs

How about bringing some floral power into your jewellery collection? The Lodima Ring and the Nayah Ring, both made of 18kt gold, will give you more reasons for merry making. We also have multi-stone ring designs like the Lada Ring and Ayusha Ring to adorn your slender fingers with grace.

If you fancy something in the whimsical shades of pink, choose from our rose gold gemstone ring designs that include the Jorja Crown Ring and the Florence Love Ring. Those looking to add a unique touch of quirkiness will find what they are looking for in our Pill of Love Ring and the Love Pill Ring.

For men who want to own a piece of these colourful charms, the Modern Royalty Ring is a trendy pick in white gold with a magnificent blue sapphire stone. If you want to wear gemstone ring designs in gold, go for the Vintage Style Ring or the Patrician’s Ring, both featuring bright rubies set in glittering gold.

When it comes to filling your life (and jewellery collection) with colours, our designers don’t shy away from making bold experiments. So why not try your favourite picks from the comfort your home? A click is all that it takes!

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