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Red Gemstone Rings

Bringing you Blood-red Beauties

Most Indian women love a piece of jewellery with the colour red in it. Be it a bangle or a precious necklace, rubies have long featured in women’s jewellery designs. But it is 2017 and haven’t we all seen enough of the traditional and archaic choices? How about an exclusive collection of red gemstone ring designs?

We have been waiting for so long to bring you a dedicated collection of unpredictable red gemstone ring designs. Working with this blood-red beauty has allowed us to create some of the most precious and stunning designs. In this collection, expect to see many new-age surprises and not-so-traditional designs as well!

At BlueStone, we have a dedicated line of red gemstone designs made just for you. You asked for rings in red, and now you have it! Using the ruby stone in myriad combinations, this collection is a real stand out. Pay close attention to the symmetry and blending of the deep red of ruby with the depth of diamonds, the elegance of green emerald and the ravishing nature of rose gold. Sit back and enjoy our red gemstone ring designs online!

A Classic Combination: Buy Red Gemstone Ring Designs from BlueStone

Beginning with the classics, we present the Aviana Ring, the Deanne Ring, the Lexie Ring, and the Elfie Rings for women. These designs come with at least one strong ruby surrounded by diamonds in a symmetrical design or a diamond stone nestled in rubies. These are perfect choices for wedding bands. As for our men, we have some classic designs up our sleeves for you too! Have you seen the Lyla Ring, the Emperor Ring, the Charming Prince Ring and the Vintage Style Ring? These work as great wedding rings and engagement rings for men. Each of these designs come set with rubies and diamonds. But before we finish off this segment, there is more and it is not a classic. It’s a stunner. The Vidhata Aakar Ring is a popular choice amongst men who are looking for a ring with a navratna setting. Take a look for yourself online!

Want to know the hot favourite among customers from this range of design? The Stately Charisma Ring for sure!

For the emboldened women here who can easily pull off a heavy-duty design, check out the Annis Ring, the Tvarika Ring, the Bahaar Ring and the Minnoli Ring. Expect to make a big statement with these gorgeous designs. They all come with an intricate top and mount done up in nothing less than several rubies and diamonds.

Emerald Works Its Charm

For red gemstone ring designs in tandem with green emerald, have a look at the simple and dainty Lada Ring, the poised and regal Rafah ring (diamonds, rubies, and emerald in 18kt white gold), the bold and the beautiful Ren Ring, and the grand and stunning Shagufta Ring. These are well thought-out designs that deserve your attention. With the introduction of emeralds into the classic setting of rubies and diamonds, they bring in the three primary colours that match the Indian skin tone extremely well. These rings work well with an Indian outfit and an Indian occasion more than any western idea, really!

Go Speechless with Rose Gold: Buy Red Gemstone Rings Online from BlueStone

We had to do with something the trendy rose gold too! Watch us as we weave magic with the marriage of 18kt rose gold for the band, and rubies to create the ultimate symbol of love. Let your woman know how much you love her with these priceless designs. The McKenna Ring and the Adreana Ring make a grand gesture, the Aaren Crown Ring and the Amberly Crown Ring make a rather formal and royal impression, and go for the Pill of Love Ring or the 100 mg Love Ring, in case she needs a ‘dose’ of love on her ring finger every day! And as we always do, we have saved the best for last, which is the Gloriana Ring. Get diamonds and rubies set in 18kt rose gold for a great price!

Our vast and endless collection of red gemstone ring designs for men and women is for all to see and admire. The range includes a lot more action, we promise. For more designs in 18kt white gold, navratna designs, traditional Indian designs, check out our collection and buy red gemstone ring designs today. The best part of the deal is our red gemstone rings’ prices. Yes, we have kept our prices affordable and attractive.

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