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Get the Glow of Diamonds with Preset Solitaire Earring Designs

There’s something special about solitaires. That’s probably why every woman deserves a solitaire in her jewellery collection. Why wait for a man to gift it to you when you can buy as many solitaires as you want? Ladies, it’s time to rejoice! We at BlueStone present to you a fabulous range of preset solitaire jewellery. This includes rings, pendants, and of course, sparkling pairs of earrings.

Our preset solitaire earrings collection exudes the timeless appeal of gold and diamonds. The harmony between the precious metal and the gemstone is blissfully beautiful. You can experience this bliss when you check out our preset solitaire earrings. Each one of them is handcrafted to perfection. They look like they were made in heaven — jewellery heaven, perhaps! The trendy preset solitaire earrings online at BlueStone will enchant you with their elegant charm.

The Starry Shine of Our Glittering Diamonds Is Hard to Resist

The diamonds encrusted on our preset solitaire earrings exude star-like radiance. The sparkle of these stones will remind you of the twinkle of the stars in a clear, night sky. Our collection of curated earrings is designed and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen are artists with immense experience in jewellery making. They are magicians who create some of the best preset solitaire earrings available only at BlueStone. The sparkling shine of these earrings will make your heart skip a beat. Don’t blame us if you love with each and every piece in our assortment.

How Do You Like Your Solitaire?

Do you like it all alone in gold or in the company of other diamonds? Either way, we have created just the right designs for you. If you want to sport the radiance of solitaires alone, go for our Circle of Love Earrings. This pair features two round cut solitaires set in 18kt white gold. Simple and elegant, this pair will make a powerful style statement for you quite effortlessly.

Do you want the sparkle of more diamonds to make your mega style statement? Go for our Distinguished Earrings. This design also features two round cut solitaires on 18kt white gold. There is a halo of small diamonds surrounding the solitaires, which creates a jumbo sparkle. As the name suggests, it is fit for a distinguished fashionista like you. The Akira Earrings are another pair you could consider from our multistone collection.

Options Galore: Earrings in a Wide Variety of Designs

At BlueStone, spoiling you for choice is something we love to do. Our collection of preset solitaire earrings is no less! Our selection of earrings includes a variety of designs and styles. You’ll find earrings made of gold and white gold. We use the highest quality gold to create our earring designs. This collection is no different. Superior quality gold of different purities is used to make each piece in this assortment. So you can choose an earring based on its look as well as the purity of gold. Take, for instance, the case of the Intricate Hoop Earrings made of 18kt white gold. Do you prefer the glitter of yellow over the radiance of white? Get this design made in 18kt gold instead of white gold. Isn’t it wonderful?

Classy Gold Solitaires for All Occasions

Among BlueStone’s new designs in preset solitaire earrings are those set on gold. The Adorable Earrings stand true to their name. These little 18kt gold studs are classic solitaires. Their petite silhouette makes them extremely adorable. Also, their simple design adds a touch of elegance to their overall look. The stones are set on the gold base with prongs. The tips of the prongs are rhodium coated to complement the white stone. The Angelic Earrings are another pair of solitaire stud earrings made of 18kt gold. A round, white diamond is set onto the gold base using a prong setting.

The Royal Chakra Aneeqa Earrings are dainty stud earrings featuring multiple diamonds surrounding a central diamond. They have a blazing-sun design crafted in 18kt gold, which gives these earrings an otherworldly charm. All of these earrings are versatile pieces of jewellery. You can pair them with any attire for any occasion. They’re also great earrings for everyday wear. Their subtle design makes them great to match with office wear too.

What’s Not to Like About White Gold and Solitaires?

The divine combination of white gold and diamonds is adored universally. It’s something you just can’t help but love. The Sublime Artistic Cute Earrings are 18kt white gold stud earrings. Their extraordinary beauty and elegance transcend above everything else. Their white gold bezel features a stunning curved silhouette that adds an artistic touch to their design. The round, white diamond encrusted on each of them has all its cuts on display. The stone radiates light, and you might even see a rainbow on it! The Stunningly Blissful Earrings are also solitaire studs made of 18kt white gold. Each of the earring in this pair features a crystal clear solitaire diamond. These solitaires will take your breath away.

Want to Sport a Multistone Stunner?

Our collection also includes an unusual variety of white gold solitaires. These earrings feature a big central diamond and multiple sparklers around it. The Romantic Joy Earrings are one such pair. They are made of 18kt white gold. They feature a round white diamond and multiple small diamonds. The stones are encrusted along the edges of a square-shaped base. The Exotic Beauty Earrings feature a similar design. The difference between these two earrings is the white gold boundary that separates the central solitaire and the surrounding diamonds. This 18kt white gold solitaire with diamonds is a must have.

The attractive preset solitaire earrings price is the highlight of our collection. You can also try them at home before you buy preset solitaire earring designs at BlueStone. It’s a jewellery lover’s dream come true, isn’t it?

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