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Earrings Below 10000: Why Settle for One Pair?

The first piece of jewellery a woman usually buys for herself is a pair of earrings. Like shoes, a woman can never have enough earrings. At BlueStone, we believe no woman should settle for just one pair. However, many women cannot afford too many exorbitantly priced earrings in their collection. But wait, who said jewellery must be expensive to be admired? Take a look at our collection of earrings below 10000 and you will know what we mean.

Wait before you judge this collection based on its earrings below 10000 price tags. When it comes to design, glitter, and craftsmanship, each piece in this range is a masterpiece in itself. And the best part? You don’t have to break your bank or save up for months to own one or more pair from this collection. Affordable and amazing are the two words that define this range.

When Do Girl Start Wearing Earrings?

In India, piercing a girl’s ears isn’t just a fashion statement, it is a ritual. This is known as Karna Vedha. A girl’s ears may be pierced when she is as young as 6 months old or as late as 7 years old. A pair of gold hoop earrings is normally the first to be worn. These are later replaced by other fashionable designs.

Our earrings below 10000 collection offer an extensive range of earrings for kids. The Star of Joy Earrings for Kids and the Wishing Star Earrings for Kids are two of our most popular designs. Flowers are a common theme with children’s jewellery. The Mettina Earrings for Kids and the Floral Joy Earrings for Kids celebrate the floral theme. If your little daughter prefers cartoon characters, you could buy her the Kiddie Panda Earrings for Kids. Older children can also wear danglers and hoops like the Grapes Earrings for Kids and the Whisker Rabbit Kids Detachable Huggies.

Earrings with a Splash of Colour

Most of our earrings below 10000 designs do not feature precious gemstones. However, they are still colourful and full of cheer. This is achieved by enameling the earrings. Enameling is a process by which a fine layer of coloured enamel if fused to the gold. Our enameled earrings are available in a range of colours. Designs like the Colour Mist Earrings for Kids and the Blue Petal Earrings for Kids are very popular with kids. The Pineapple Earrings for Kids and the Mango Mist Earrings for Kids are other examples of enameled earrings for kids.

Enameled earrings are not only for young children. Many of our designs can also be worn by adults as well. If you are looking for something to pair with ethnic wear, take a look at the Azra Earrings and the Razia Earrings. On the other hand the Egyptian Charm Earrings complement western wear perfectly.

Earrings for All Ages

Whether you ask a 9 year old girl or a 79 year old woman, earrings will always be a must have. The Red Butterfly earrings for Kids and the Happy Face Kids Detachable Huggies are perfect for pre-teens. Some of our trendy Earrings below 10000 online for kids can even be worn by adults. The Taren Earrings for Kids and the Flower of Innocence Earrings for Kids are two such designs.

The Reggina Earrings for Kids follows the mix and match trend and can be worn by teenagers as well as working women. Additionally, we do have a range of new designs in Earrings below 10000 designed for adults. The Faceted Paisley Stud Earrings and the Trois Earrings are ideal for a woman with contemporary tastes. If you are looking for something ethnic, take a look at the Root Chakra Earrings and the Vedika Drop Earrings.

The Classics

Some trends come and go but others stay forever. Many people prefer to buy Earrings below 10000 online that have a classic appeal. A pair of pearl studs like the Amathea Earrings or the Risa Stud Earrings is the perfect example of classic jewellery designs.

 Single diamond studded earrings like the Dearly Embrace Earrings for Kids has universal appeal. Similarly, hoops like the Arabelle Kids Huggies never go out of fashion. Simple floral designs like the Cutleaf Primrose Earrings and the Angelic Flower Earrings for Kids can also be considered classic designs.

Buy Earrings below 10000 Designs for Men

Many men love earrings just as much as women. The only major difference between our earrings for men and women is that the former is sold in pairs while the latter is typically sold as a single piece. The Vikrant Earring for Him and the Giltbert Stud for Him are ideal for men who like minimalist designs. If you like something with a little more sparkle, consider the Morde Earring for Him and the Melange Earring for Him. 

Some men also like wearing earrings that reflect their zodiac sign; these are also known as birthstone earrings. For example, the Alicio Stud for Him has the birthstone for Cancer. Similarly, the blue sapphire in the Belmont Stud for Him makes it perfect for a Taurean man. Are you are buying earrings as a gift for a man and not sure of his birthstone? Choose diamonds. With designs like the Homme Earring for Him and the Deonte Stud for Him, you just can’t go wrong.

How to Buy Earrings Below 10000?

The best part about buying earrings is that one size fits all. However, one design does not fit all. When choosing a pair of earrings, it is important to keep the wearer’s preferences in mind. If a woman like edgy, modernistic designs, the Charisma Stud Earrings are perfect for her. If she is more comfortable with ethnic wear, the Strung Sepal Earrings might be a better fit. And, if she likes delicate laces and chiffons, you couldn’t find a better design than the Grette Drop Earrings. No matter what you may like, at BlueStone you are sure to find something that suits your tastes.

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