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Platinum Jewellery: A Coveted Treasure

Platinum, the rarest metal of all when transformed into a beautiful piece of jewellery, holds its luminosity forever resembling the ideals of eternal love. In fact, it is believed to be the symbol of eternal love between two souls. And eternal love needs no explanation, you simply just want it. So yes, platinum jewellery is indeed a coveted treasure.

The exquisite platinum jewellery designs express their luminosity forever without tarnishing or turning yellow in time. Platinum has shown its beauty in the world of jewellery over the last 100 years. The pure nature of the metal makes it felicitous for its use as a piece of jewellery. This feature of platinum also makes it the most preferred choice of jewellery for everyday use. The phrase ‘platinum forever’ is indeed self-explanatory.

Platinum jewellery: A historic overview

The ancient Egyptians were the first to use platinum metal in jewellery making. Although platinum jewellery has become popular in the last 50 or 100 years, jewellery made of platinum were widely worn by Kings, Queens and Czars in the late 19th century. The introduction of platinum jewellery to Europe was in the year of 1780. It first appeared in the court of Louis XVI, the French ruler who believed that only jewellery made of platinum fits the royalty.  

BlueStone: The right place to buy platinum jewellery online

It has been a tradition to go jewellery shopping with your family. It could be so hectic and time-consuming to find the right jewellery for the right price in a day’s time, wandering from shop-to-shop. Why worry about it when you can find them online? BlueStone has the most exclusive collection of platinum jewellery designs. It makes your job a lot easier when you can browse through and find the right choice of jewellery at the click on a button.  

BlueStone’s platinum jewellery collection has sophisticated rings designed especially for him and her. The variety in our collection ranges from the handpicked Elie Love Band for Her with shiny diamonds embedded on platinum to the Infinitium Band for Him with beautifully carved designs on a platinum ring.  

Couple’s who’d want to wear their matching engagement rings can choose the popular pieces like the Ally Band for Him and Her. For those who want to surprise their loved one with a piece of platinum jewellery, we have our precious Wanderlove Band.

The diamond lovers can choose from our collection of platinum rings adorned with luminous diamonds, for instance, the Normandy Love Band. Those beautiful diamond-embedded engagement rings are in fact the most coveted and hot-selling items in our collection.

Buy platinum jewellery designs without burning your pocket

Here’s the good news! BlueStone offers you the best collection of platinum jewellery designs at a much reasonable price. Our platinum jewellery prices start from as low as INR 21,013. We also have great deals running on selected pieces.

Each piece of our platinum jewellery has its own unique design and style. Name it and we have it and you can get your favourite jewellery design delivered at your doorstep. Don’t let anything stop you from gifting your loved one or maybe yourself a beautiful piece of jewellery made of platinum. After all, platinum is forever just like the eternal love.

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