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Women's Platinum Jewellery

Women’s Platinum Jewellery: Ornaments That Spell Luxury

The lavish white metal has many lovers. Yes, we are talking about platinum, a suave metal that has taken the jewellery world by storm. Platinum is synonymous with luxury and elegance. It gives tough competition to gold in the realm of precious metals and lends a modern twist to any piece of jewellery. However, it’s popular among both contemporary and traditional jewellery lovers.

Our designers have curated a special collection of women’s platinum jewellery designs. These classy, stylish trinkets are sure to sweep you off your feet. This exclusive assortment includes a wide range of plain bands, single stone rings, multistone bands, and couple bands among others. Explore our stunning women’s platinum jewellery collection to witness the allure of the precious white metal.

Did You Know?

Platinum is a rare metal. However, its rarity has not made it elusive. The earliest evidence of the use of platinum dates back to as early as 700 BC. The Spanish Conquistadors found platinum by accident while they were looking for gold in Ecuador. Not aware of the metal’s superb qualities, they threw it back into the river. They found it to be a nuisance in their search for gold as it was mixed with gold and difficult to separate. They named this white metal platina (Spanish for silver) owing to its silver colour. Some even thought that platinum was unripe gold and had no value until it matured and became gold. What did they know, right?

Platinum’s fame in modern history began in the eighteenth century. It was a European scientist who melted platinum for the first time. The white metal was used to decorate porcelain and make ornaments and lab ware around the same time. As time passed, this metal became the popular choice of jewellery lovers irrespective of its cost. Today, many women may not consider their collection complete without a platinum trinket in it!

What Makes Platinum So Popular?

A great extent of platinum’s popularity owes to the science of the metal. Its high density, weight, durability, ductility, melting point, and malleability give it an edge over gold, silver, and copper. It is resistant to discolouration and tarnishing. Its rich lustre and long-lasting glow make it a great choice for jewellery.

Platinum is a pure metal and, therefore, hypoallergic. This makes it a suitable pick for anyone with sensitive skin. All of these factors make platinum jewellery a coveted treasure. Above and beyond all these, its brilliance is hard to resist. So, are you planning to buy women’s platinum jewellery designs? Do it now!

How Charming Are Plain Rings?

Anything made of platinum translates to a lifetime of lustre and shine. While platinum jewellery looks great with gemstones studded on it, it also makes for a great standalone metal. Our trendy women’s platinum jewellery online includes simple yet sophisticated pieces. They transcend everything glamorous. The Cohort Band for Her is an elegant ring that will lure you with its simplicity. This charming ring is has a smooth, glossy shine. It’s a perfect accessory for everything in your wardrobe.

The Bardot Love Band for Her is an epitome of superior craftsmanship. Its braided design is handcrafted to perfection. Can anything get more surreal than this? The Ames Love Band for Her is another masterpiece. Its fine lines exude elegance and redefine diligent artistry. The Odyssey Band for Her is a gorgeous platinum ring featuring fine grooves all over. When you buy women’s platinum jewellery designs online at BlueStone, you get a promise of purity.

Single Stone Rings for an Unmatched Appeal

The properties of platinum allow it to hold precious stones more securely than any other metal. Although it can hold any stone firmly, it is almost always paired with white diamonds. The natural colour of platinum and white diamonds complement each other. It’s like a match made in heaven. This precious metal and gemstone combination is also one of the most popular in the world of jewellery.

The Wanderlove Band for Her is one of our many new designs in women’s platinum jewellery. It is a simple platinum band featuring fine lines that start and end at the white diamond on the top. This all-occasion ring is a must have. The Armour Love Band for Her is a perfect choice for women who aren’t afraid to experiement with designs. It features a tiny white diamond on its unique platinum silhouette. The Avignon Love Band for is a classy piece of jewellery that you can wear anywhere, anytime. So is the Candid Love Band for Her.

More Gemstones, More Bling: Multistone Bands for You

Platinum’s brilliant lustre reflects the actual radiance of gemstones such as diamonds. To add to the shine of the metal itself, we have set more than one diamond to the platinum frame of some of our rings. To choose rings with twice the shine, browse our collection of multistone rings. These are some of the best women’s platinum jewellery you might have ever seen.

The Fama Love Band for Her is a tribute to rich style. The three diamonds on top complement its luxurious design. The Axelle Love Band for Her is an epitome of graceful charm. It features two intertwining strands, one studded with white diamonds and the other shaped like a twisted rope. If you want an elaborate ring, you’ll love the Normandy Love Band for Her and the Elie Love Band for Her. These rings feature shimmering white diamonds on a stunning design.

The purity and rarity of this precious white metal make it a symbol of true love. And all of our rings symbolise everlasting love, just like the metal they are crafted from. Are you looking for an everyday ring? Or do you want an engagement or wedding band? Worry not! You will get rings that suit your style only in our collection. You will not find a more stunning collection anywhere other than BlueStone. That too at such attractive women’s platinum jewellery prices!

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