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The ring has long been considered as the most popular piece of jewellery .Gemstone rings were not unfamiliar in early civilizations. These rings were not made of gemstone set with metals, but rather rings cut from strong stone. Romans were partial to golden amber and jasper, worn fundamentally as special bands.  Amid the medieval times; rings engraved with the figures of holy people were held in high respect.

Usually wedding rings and wedding bands are made of precious metal, showing the wearer is married. It is generally trusted that the principal case of wedding bands were found in old Egypt as back similarly as 6,000 years prior. According different regional culture, ring is typically worn on the base of the right or the left ring finger and this custom spread predominantly in Europe. In the United States, wedding bands were initially worn just by spouses, yet amid the twentieth century they got to be standard for both married couples.

Couple Bands: A couple band is considered as “Promise Ring” which is of plain gold or precious stone set in a ring. It symbolizes the love and commitment in a relationship and is sometimes worn as a pre-engagement ring. Couple Bands are always of the same design with only a slightly thicker band for Men. Nowadays, even engraving a message on the inside of the shank is popular.  Bluestone offers gold and gemstone couple bands with latest gold ring designs. It is very convenient to buy gold rings online due to the wide choices of gold rings design and very competitive gold ring price. At Bluestone, we do take Engraving requests (Plain Surface) for the orders. One of the best couple band of our collections is “THE NIAMH RING FOR HER” and “THE NIAMH RING FOR HIM”.

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