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Gemstone Earring Designs: Vibrant Colours for the Vivacious You

When William Wordsworth saw a sea of yellow daffodils he was inspired to pen down a classic piece in English poetry. The rest as we all know is history. Ever looked at the early dawn sky when the sun shyly peeps out from the darkest hour showering vermillion blessings beginning a new day? The horizon breaks out into radiant shades of pink, orange, peach and mauve and illuminates your entire existence. Colours have a way of making your heart dance with joy and jubilance. Our gemstone earring collection is inspired by the mighty nature in all its brilliant glory.

Think Colours: Buy Gemstone Earrings Online From BlueStone

There is something about mismatch earrings that make you feel an instant connection. Apart from taking the fashion industry by storm, these trend-setting pieces subtly tell us about the perfection in imperfection. The Amar Rose Quartz Mismatch Earrings – doesn’t the name say it all? With a petite pink rose quartz stone on one side this rose gold stud earring is stylishly mismatched.

Red is the colour of passion and intensity. Adorn rubies in their eternal splendor and paint the town red! The Roseate Smolder Earrings Collection is a popular design in the ruby range. The Flora Allure Earrings in this collection exude an alluring charm in the stud pattern, while the Ocarina Earrings has leaf-like rubies with dangling pearls. Remember Hemamalini as the dream girl of the 1970s sizzling on screen stealing hearts? Our Swapn Sundari Earrings are dreamy affairs in resplendent rubies.

What is better than ruby earrings? Definitely, our ruby earrings are combined with other colourful gemstones! The Vidhut Earrings lined with royal blue sapphires and rubies in a geometric pattern will bring out the poet in you too. The Lada Earrings in the stud pattern has rubies in the centre and green emeralds all around. Bring home ‘Goddess Lakshmi’ in the evergreen Coinage Collection in rubies. Classic designs like Nandini Earrings and Nityagata Earrings are part of this collection.

For the fashionistas of today, buy the Fatal Femme Earrings in a bold and beautiful dagger pattern. You can also shop for stud designs for men in sapphire, ruby and emerald. The Belmont Stud for Him, the Ayer Stud for Him, and the Alicio Stud for Him are perfect choices for men who want to adorn their ears.

Buy Gemstone Earrings Online: Pearls and Stones

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has a royal collection of rare and unique jewellery from all over the globe. However, her favourite piece among this enviable collection is a pearl earring she lovingly adorns for social gatherings. The three strand pearl necklace and the tear-shaped pearl earrings are her trusted accessories for every occasion. Try our everyday elegance of pearl earrings in over 60 designs to choose from. Minimalist pearl patterns complete the work wear look and will complement Indian and western wear alike. Gira Earrings are a pair of simple pearl studs that is an essential workwear for the women of today.

The Madison Earrings in the hoop design and the Oceane Earrings in the ring design add a unique charm to your traditional attire. The Charvi Jhumka is a signature design with a festive look.

Sui Dagah Earrings in the interesting needle and thread pattern is a design that radiates a youthful charm. Popularly known as threader earrings, these designs are in vogue this season. The Shanthi Drop Earrings with purple amethyst gemstones and pearls looks contemporary and chic.

Topaz, tourmaline, and citrine are other popular gemstone varieties that come in an array of colours. Mix and match these shimmering stones that are in hues of blue, pink and yellow to your heart’s content! The equation of the square shaped blue topaz mounted on a rectangular pink tourmaline in the Perroquet Earrings is perfectly balanced! The wreath-shaped Circular Impulse Earrings combine citrine, topaz, and tourmaline flawlessly in a spherical design.

The orange peel shaped Jadyn Hoop Earrings are unique designs that is studded with yellow, green and pink tourmaline stones.

Gemstone Earring Designs for Kids

We have gemstone earrings with some cute designs for your little princess. The Adorable Bow Earrings for Kids has the iconic Minnie’s Bow design that your daughter will never want to grow out of! Choose from pretty butterflies and cuddly bears in earring designs from our kids’ collection for the apple of your eye.

At BlueStone, we present heartwarming colours in wallet friendly prices in our gemstone earring collection. Yes, our precious gemstone earrings prices are unbelievably affordable. So what are you waiting for you? Buy the ones that you love right away.

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