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Rose Gold Bracelets: Adding Elegance to Your Persona

Bracelets lend a degree of feminine grace and mystique to the persona of the wearer; or they could proclaim to the world your masculinity, spiritual beliefs, affiliation and so on. Whether they impart mystique or showcase your affiliation depends upon the make, material, style and size of the bracelet. And the exquisite rose gold bracelets offered by BlueStone endue charm and elegance to the wearer.

Rose gold, unlike its yellow counterpart, bespeaks of a unique and offbeat taste in jewellery. It started becoming popular in the nineteenth century and after a hiatus, rose gold jewellery designs are making a comeback in the twenty-first century. The percentage of copper is what imparts the pink to red tinge to this alloy of gold and copper. Gold is called pink, rose or red based on the increasing amount of copper content it contains. The rose gold bracelet designs available at BlueStone capture the heart of avant-garde craftsmanship in jewellery design.

Looking Back through the Ages

Bracelets have been around for ages. Archaeologists have uncovered bracelets from sites dated to be around 40,000 years before the present era. They were not always made of precious metals like today. The early bracelets were made of strings, bones, stones, carved scarabs, wood, et al. As time passed, gold, precious metals, and gemstone became integral parts of jewellery making and people started making wrist adornments using them.

Bracelets also make their appearance in various forms called charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, link bracelets, and the very recent health and sports bracelets. In olden days, they were made at home, could be bought at the neighbourhood crafts and antique shop, or made-to-order at local jewellers. Such trends, however, have given way to easier and hassle-free modes of jewellery shopping, thanks to technology. The unique rose gold bracelets offered by BlueStone can be ordered online from the catalogue at the website.

Glancing through Rose Gold Bracelets Designs

The Tina Bracelet in 18kt rose gold with a single diamond embedded in a tiny heart and proclaiming ‘I love you’ in French is the simplest bracelet you could opt for from BlueStone’s catalogue. The Nala True Love Bracelet has an interlocked heart between the words ‘true love’ on the plaque, with a ruby charm hanging off the heart. This again is made with 18kt rose gold with diamonds embedded on both sides of ‘true love’.

The Eleanor Bracelet has an elaborate design with a flower at the centre and with diamond petals that add a dash of panache to the wearer. If mere rose gold and diamonds seem boring and you are ready to experiment, then BlueStone has the Carisha Bracelet that has a touch of black in the petals of a four-petal flower with a diamond heart. Two other four-petal flower shells adorn the black flower on either side of the bracelet separated by chain links completing the design.

For an even more unorthodox, but stylish bracelet, you could choose the Alia Heart Bracelet that has a rose gold plaque with an embedded diamond heart and with black lifelines moving off the heart. The Subtle Tulip Bracelet is another offbeat design that has two diamond encrusted rose gold tulips facing head to head with silver chain links in between.

Buying the Rose Gold Bracelet Design of Your Choice

All the rose gold bracelets available at BlueStone are priced to fit your pocket. Our rose gold bracelets’ prices are so affordable that you can add the favourite pieces to your jewellery collection without thinking twice. In addition, BlueStone gives you the option of customising any particular design that takes your fancy.

The mix of rose gold and diamonds in subtle designs ensures that these bracelets are not left on the shelf or lockers as party wear, but can be worn every day. Buy your rose gold bracelet designs from BlueStone and enhance your inner persona by bringing out the unconventional you to the forefront.

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