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In the world of gemstone, there are diamonds. And there are solitaires. A woman may own a number of diamond studded ornaments. But the queen of her collection will always be a piece of solitaire jewellery. At BlueStone, we understand how much you cherish these twinkling beauties. So our designers have come up with a number of preset solitaire jewellery designs just for you. From earrings and pendants to rings, you will find a host of beautiful solitaire ornaments in this collection. Are you ready to give yourself a solitaire makeover?

What is a Solitaire?

Contrary to popular belief, a solitaire has nothing to do with the size of a diamond. You can buy preset solitaire jewellery designs in a number of sizes. In simplest terms, it is any piece of jewellery that features a single diamond. The Lawley Ring and the Jodee Ring are classic examples of solitaire rings. Solitaire rings like the Marlana Ring are often chosen to mark special occasions. This could be an engagement, birthday, wedding or anniversary. Such rings became fashionable in the Victorian era and have remained popular ever since.

Solitaire rings are not designed exclusively for women. The Mathis Ring is one of our bestselling solitaire rings for men. Apart from rings, earrings and pendants can also features the solitaire setting. This setting is special because it highlights the beauty of the diamond. The Sublime Artistic Cute Earrings are an ideal birthday gift for a woman of any age.

Know Your Solitaire Before You Buy Preset Solitaire Jewellery Designs

The beauty of a diamond lies in its four ‘C’s. This includes cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. The cut of a diamond determines its shine and brilliance. A round cut is most common cut for a diamond. The Elegant Princess Pendant and the Royal Chakra Pendant both showcase a round cut diamond. However, it isn’t the only cut used in jewellery making. Other types of cuts include the princess cut, marquise cut, teardrop cut and square cut.

The clarity of a diamond refers to the presence of impurities in the diamond. The best preset solitaire jewellery is made from diamonds with minimal or no flaws and inclusions. Though diamonds are imagined as clear stones, they are available in a number of colours. Thus the colour of a diamond plays a significant role in its look and price.

The fourth factor that determines the worth of a diamond is its carat value. This refers to the size of a diamond. The larger the diamond, the higher the carat weight will be. As the carat value increases, the price of the diamond also increases. Take, for instance, the case of Classic Statement Pendant and the Adorable Pendant. At the first glance, they may look the same. However, they vary greatly in terms of price because of the size of the diamond.

What are the Different Types of Solitaire Settings?

Apart from the 4’C’s of a diamond, the way a solitaire is set is also important. The prong setting is the most common setting for preset solitaire jewellery. A minimum of three prongs is required to hold a diamond in place. The Stunningly Blissful Earrings are a fine example of this setting. The Vision of Beauty Pendant also boasts of three prongs but is set apart by their triangular prongs. The diamond in the Subtle Heaven Ring is held in place by 4 prongs. Similarly, the diamond in The Lucky Delight Ring is held in place by 6 prongs.

The bezel setting is another popular setting you can see when you buy trendy preset solitaire jewellery online. The Circle of Love Earrings is the perfect example of this setting. The half bezel is an adaptation of this setting. The Laquisha Ring and the Sublime Artistic Cute Pendant are stunning examples of solitaires in a half bezel setting.

Today, solitaire jewellery is not restricted to one diamond. A halo setting is a popular way of making a diamond look bigger. This setting can be described as a single large diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. The Romantic Joy Earrings showcase a classic halo setting. On the other hand, the Lovely Ring has a unique contemporary halo setting. Some of the designs like the Jinni Ring from our latest preset solitaire jewellery collection also boast of a double halo.

How to Buy Preset Solitaire Jewellery Online?

Today, even diamonds can be bought online. When you buy diamonds with us, we guarantee the quality of gold and diamonds. So put your apprehensions aside and browse through our extensive range of preset solitaire jewellery designs. Our new designs in preset solitaire jewellery cater to a range of budgets and jewellery tastes.

Buying a solitaire is a special event. Hence we also offer you the opportunity to customise your solitaire. Didn’t we say that we will go to any lengths to ensure that you get nothing less than what you dream of? Take the Refined Embrace Pendant for example. This design is made in 18kt white gold. However, it can also be made in gold. The clarity and colour of the diamond featured in this design can also be customised. Diamonds graded as ‘D’,’E’ and ‘F’ are colourless and those graded between ’G’ and ‘H’ are nearly colourless. The more colourless a diamond is, the higher its price will be.

Do you like a design but want to lower its price? You can do so by lowering the carat value of gold. In addition to these services, you can also choose to try on a piece of jewellery before you buy it. For this, we will send the pieces selected by you to your home. Typically, solitaires mark special occasions. But you are so special that you don’t even need a reason to buy them. Our present solitaire jeweller price range is highly competitive. You can purchase your favourite designs in all seasons and for no reason.

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