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Diamond Bracelet Designs: Wrap Your Wrists in Everlasting Sparkle

The beauty of diamonds, in any form of jewellery, is beyond dispute. Their bright, shining quality brings out the best in the wearer and tends to emanate a soft glow. The charm of diamond bracelet designs is that they are so versatile that they can be worn to complement almost any occasion or outfit. For diamond lovers who want to wrap their wrists in everlasting sparkle, BlueStone presents you with an enchanting range of diamond bracelets. Not only this, our craftsmen give you designs that are suitable for men as well as women.

For a Special Occasion or Weekend: Buy Diamond Bracelet Designs

Do you have an important occasion lined up but your jewellery box is looking a bit bare? Look through this collection to find just what you need. Designers at BlueStone have come up with a grand collection that will complement your special outfits perfectly. The Dutiful Hibiscus Bracelet, for example, features a pretty hibiscus flower on its 18kt gold body. The Purity Lily Bracelet is another striking piece you can consider from our floral range. For ethnic designs to match your sarees and or ghagras, we have pieces with plenty of detailing that catches the eye. The Naaval Bracelet, for instance, has a double chain string and a stunning centrepiece made of gold and diamonds. The Sunflower of Loyalty bracelet has a similar design made of gold and embellished with diamonds to emulate the beauty of the flower.

Whether you are planning a day out with your girlfriends or you have a date night planned with your romantic interest, the Anchor Bracelet is versatile enough to suit any outing. The Five Point Star Bracelet is another endearing piece marked by a single bright diamond in the corner.

Diamond Bracelet Designs to Spruce up Your Work Week 

When you have a busy day of work or you are taking a day to relax, this collection has an array of new designs that go with a variety of outfits. The Dayamayee Bracelet, for instance, has a lovely loop of diamonds at the centre with a gold setting. The Gayanthika has a similar design with a slim band of diamonds in the centre.

The Adalin Bracelet features a pleasant mix of gold and white diamonds with an infinity loop pattern in the centre. An elegant accent to your workwear, it is sure to add plenty of sophistication to your outfit. If you are keen on keeping any bad vibes at bay, perhaps the Evil Eye Bracelet is for you. Its stunning blue centre is highlighted by diamonds giving you a stylish accent.

Not comfortable wearing your mangalsutra to the office every day? Try our bracelets designed in the quintessential black-beaded pattern of traditional mangalsutras. Take, for instance, the Gandharika Bracelet made of 18kt gold. It has a black-beaded body and a diamond-studded centrepiece in the floral theme. The Ihina Bracelet has a twin-heart design that perfectly symbolises your marital bonding. The Jeevika Bracelet, the Gayantika Bracelet, and the Madhula Bracelet are some of the bestselling designs in the collection.

Flowers, Hearts, and Religious Motifs

When you buy diamond bracelets online from us, you can choose from a wide range of themes and motifs such as flowers, hearts, and religious symbols. If you want to wear the never-fading blossoms on your wrists, consider the Caressing Flora Bracelet, the Marlane Bracelet, or the Ormanda Bracelet, all of which are made of gold. For a more whimsical appeal, go for the Eleanor Bracelet or the Subtle Tulip Bracelet, two bestsellers from our rose gold bracelet collection.

Hearts never go out of vogue. Whether you want to celebrate your romantic bonding with your partner or pamper yourself for no reason, this universal symbol of love can be the best pick. The Kendall Bracelet and the Cailsey Bracelet are simple designs featuring a diamond-studded heart. For a more ornate piece, take your pick from our dual heart and multi-heart designs like the Alondra Bracelet, Alexandra Bracelet, and the Anchored Love Bracelet.

Our designers have immortalised some of the most popular religious symbols for those who want to sport bracelets as an expression of their faith. The Chloe Cross Bracelet and the Damaris Cross Bracelets are for the devotees of Jesus while the followers of Hinduism can opt for the Ekanthika Bracelet with a diamond-studded Om symbol. The 786 Bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece featuring the number 786, which is the numerical value of the opening words of the Quran "Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim".

Buy Diamond Bracelets Online for Men

Don’t be misguided to think that bracelets are a woman’s ornament. It is equally favoured by men and at BlueStone we have a stunning collection of men’s diamond bracelet designs. The Fame Bracelet, the Stalwart Bracelet, and the Sailor’s Bracelet are some of the popular picks of our customers. Made of gold and studded with sparkling diamonds, these simple designs exude unparalleled elegance without compromising on the style quotient.

Whether you are browsing through this collection to give yourself a glittering present or to give your loved one a surprise, our diamond bracelets price ensures that you do not have to restrict your choices. Additionally, BlueStone offers you the home try-on option so that you can get the feel of the piece before you write us a cheque!

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