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Women's Diamond Bracelets

Women’s Diamond Bracelets: Beauties around Your Hand

When your pretty hand has a delicate craftwork made of gold and diamond on it, probably for a moment you feel the happiest in the world, and the worries in life take a back seat. And when complimented by your colleagues, you feel feathery wings all on a sudden.

Since when women discovered the art of beautifying their hands by tying a vine is unknown. But it has been around for centuries. The growth of the jewellery and artisan industry owes heavily to the popularity of bracelets among women of various strata.

A Bit of a Background of the Pretty Thing

A bracelet is an effortless piece to style up your attire. From Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, many famous personalities have set the trend of adorning the hand with a glamourous sparkling bracelet. Be it a gown, casual, or office attire a bracelet adds a subtle emphasis to the overall look.

As per archaeologists, traces of bracelet designs were found as early as the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian civilisations. Gold and silver bracelets came during the Bronze age and later became an expensive affair with the addition of diamond and other stones, and hence, a status symbol.

The bracelets of Queen Victoria during the twentieth century evoked a new wave. Prior to this, bracelets were often used by warriors and knights as a charm to protect themselves from upcoming threats. From Victoria’s time, the whole concept took a different turn and bracelets became objects of adornment and glamour. New designs and styles competed with and defied the traditional giving way to trendy pieces. 

Buy Women's Diamond Bracelet Designs Online from BlueStone

If you are looking to adorn your delicate hands with the beauty of diamond and gold, you must browse through the stunning bracelet designs at BlueStone. Nothing can beat the beauty of diamonds sparkling on your hand on a bed of gold when touched by our state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Affordability is another thing BlueStone takes pride in. You will know when you check the women's diamond bracelets price at the site.

For the Working Ladies

We understand you spend most of your day at work and hardly have time post office. But, we ensure that an otherwise dull working day sparkles with our marvellous women's diamond bracelet designs. The Contour Axis Bracelet is a smart piece with a mix of style in abundance and subtleness to suit your office attire. The piece is studded with diamonds and crafted in white gold. An uncomplicated design when crafted skilfully on white gold and adorned with diamonds, the maximum emphasis is put on the metal and the studs rather than extra embellishments. The simple look is bliss.

The Amanie Bracelet is another stylish piece with a slight floral touch. Simplicity and elegance come together to give birth to a delicate and adorable piece like this. Crafted in 18kt gold, the bracelet features two small golden flowers and a big one in the middle with diamonds peeking from amidst the petals. Cross and heart designs have been growing in popularity for office goers. In this category, the Damaris Cross Bracelet and the Claudia Cross Bracelet may catch your attention if you are in search of a classy adornment to compliment a formal suit.

Adorning Your Hand on Special Occasions

We understand, not everyone likes to overdo their hands with heavy bangles on a special occasion like a wedding. Especially with a gorgeous sari, suit, or gown, simplistic add-ons are on the rise. If you are looking to buy women's diamond bracelet designs for a special occasion, check the unmatched artwork at BlueStone. You cannot miss the breathtakingly beautiful piece, the Dutiful Hibiscus Bracelet. The craftsmanship is stupendous – you will feel for a moment that the hibiscus featuring on the ornament, has been just plucked from a garden. Small diamond heads sparkle from within the petals. We have another piece in this rare design – the Tranquil Hibiscus Bracelet, an artistically crafted piece studded with a diamond.

The Leaf Lace Bracelet is a strikingly gorgeous piece in our exquisite collection which combines the serenity of leaves tied on to each other with diamonds sparkling on each entanglement. Our designs are out of the ordinary, and you will not have to think twice to make a piece your own.

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