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Pearl Studded Rose Gold Earrings

Find Your Elegance with Pearl Studded Rose Gold Earring Designs

Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate” and according to Coco Chanel, a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls; and we couldn’t agree more. Closer home, Maharani Gayatri Devi is famous for her chiffon sarees and strings of pearls. Pearls are known for their lustre and their ability to elevate any kind of outfit they are paired with. A pair of pearl earrings will effortlessly add grace and charm to your face in a way few other gemstones can match.

Speaking of pearl earrings, a pair made of gold remains a timeless classic while one made of white gold has a modern flair. However, when you want something really trendy, unconventional, and whimsical, you can always count on the rose gold. For women who want to grace their ears with the romantic hues of pink, here is a collection for you to explore. When you slip on one of our pearl studded rose gold earring designs, even a pair of jeans gets a classier appeal.

What Do You Know About Pearls?

Did you know that pearls aren’t always white? Natural pearls are available in a number of colours ranging from pinks and greys to greens and violets. However, the elegance of a white pearl remains unmatched. Pearls are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from the dainty rice pearls that have a diameter no more than a few millimetres to the Pearl of Lao Tzu which has a diametre of 24 centimetres. Our range of pearl studded rose gold earring designs, however, uses pearls with a 4-6mm diametre which makes them perfect for casual or formal earrings. A pearl is also the birthstone for women born in June and has been used to symbolise a couple’s thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Delicate Rose Gold for a Standout Look

Just as pearls are available in a number of colours, so is gold. Natural, pure gold is too soft to be used as jewellery. Hence, jewellers typically make an alloy of gold and other metals to keep it stable. This is referred to as the purity of gold or carat value, with 24kt gold being the purest form of gold. When gold is mixed with copper it gets a soft pink hue which gives it the name rose gold.

Though the pink variety of gold was popular in Russia during the nineteenth century, the trend of rose gold jewellery caught on worldwide a few decades ago. Our rose gold jewellery is typically made from 18kt gold but can also be crafted from 14kt gold if need be. Remember, the higher the carat value, the higher the pearl studded rose gold earrings price will be.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Pearl Studded Rose Gold Earring Designs

Most women cannot imagine stepping out of their homes without a pair of earrings. However, you can’t wear just any pair of earrings. When you buy pearl studded rose gold earring designs, you can choose finely crafted studs and hoops. The Matilda Stud Earrings are an exquisite piece from our Foliage Collection and feature a large white pearl set in the middle of a diamond-studded foliage pattern. If you prefer the drops version of the same design, go for the Matilda Drop Earrings. When you dress up for a party or get-together, these earrings can be quite a stylish companion.

The Chareese Drop Earrings and the Marcey Drop Earrings are for a fashionista who loves to experiment with styles. These lightweight designs are show stoppers by themselves and double up as a workwear accessory. However, if you are a hard-core fan of the floral theme, go for the Fresh Tulip Earrings. Artistic and charming, this pair is a celebration of the springtime, but will add to your style quotient through all seasons. 

Buy Pearl Studded Rose Gold Earrings Online

You don’t need to dive into the ocean to find the perfect pearls. You can shop for them online from the comfort of your home. When you shop with BlueStone you don’t have to make up your mind just by looking at pictures of the earrings. Instead, pick the designs you like and take up our offer to try them on at home before you buy one or all of them. This comes in quite handy when you are confused between similar designs.

Take, for instance, the Eva Butterfly Earrings and the Adriana Butterfly Earrings. Though they both feature the ever-charming butterfly motif, the former is a pair of danglers and the latter is a pair of stud earrings. Choosing between these two pairs, just by looking at their pictures, can be a difficult task. However, with BlueStone offering the home try-on option, you can now try both these designs and make the purchase after that. What more could you want? Are you ready to add a pair of pearl studded rose gold earring designs to your jewellery collection?

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