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‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop’ – Rumi said. Maybe he sneaked a peek at our studs jewellery designs. Capturing the timeless splendour of gold and stones, these classic icicles like beauties never go out of fashion. Ear piercing has been a tradition since the Stone Age. In the Vedic times in India, men and women alike pierced ears and adorned them with artfully crafted studs. Piercing the ear was considered to activate the acupressure points thereby increasing the brain’s efficiency. Today piercing can be an expression of the self and our studs jewellery designs make the expression resplendent.

Studs jewellery designs for kids

Some are written in stone, some in pure gold and some in stone – all waiting to be told. We understand that studs jewellery has been around a long time and at BlueStone we have given our own twist to this eternal style statement. Our designs are intricate, subtle, quirky, bold, traditional or just plain cool. Our studs jewellery designs come in every conceivable shape. The precious stones embellished on the jewellry are sure to dazzle the wearer.

Studs jewellery designs: The story begins

Studs are a child’s first earrings. The Cute Meows Earrings for Kids or the Favourite Dolphins Earrings for Kids? When in doubt we suggest you pick both – your little princess will look adorable in them, won’t she? With rare unicorn and strawberry designs catering to your kids’ fantasy world, there are more reasons you don’t want them to grow up so fast. At BlueStone you can buy studs jewellery online for your child and the child in you.

Studs jewellery designs for her

A piece from our simple and straight forward Minia Earrings collection will complement your boardroom elegance. You can wear them to work, and pair it with your Indian or western outfit. Step out for a coffee date after work with confidence wearing any of the Minia studs. Our pieces will never let you down, we guarantee. We know the multiple roles you don with ease and we offer a range that is as versatile as you. The Pillars of Belief earrings are an ode to your never dying spirit set in solid gold. The Panchika Earrings seamlessly merges the old and new worlds with rubies set in a Lakshmi image imprinted coin – the ‘kaasu mala’ inspired stud jewellery is breath-taking.

Studs jewellery designs to surprise her

Here is a pro tip for you guys - If you need to gift a stunning piece of jewellery to your special someone, look no further. These everyday earrings are the new happily ever after. While your love for her can never be measured, The True Love earrings will come very close to capturing what the words cannot express - A grand heart in gold securely clasps the diamonds in place. Our designs don’t disappoint just as our studs jewellery price range. Surprise her as much you want.

As for your first love - your mom, impress her with the colourful yet traditional Vanya and Mishka studs earrings and she will never remind you of ‘Sharmaji ka beta’ again. Watch her eyes gleaming in pride flaunting these invaluable pieces at your next family gathering.

Or you may want to wear one yourself and you are most welcome to try the Homme Earring. Diamond in white gold is just the right amount of self-love that is ultimately the best love.

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There is never a dull moment with our studs jewellery designs. We have intricate designs in gold, and the white gold set with diamonds is a mighty sight to behold. The collection is vast – spotless pearls, mesmerising rubies, enthralling emeralds, and vibrant topaz all whispering their own stories by your ear side.

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