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Christian Jewellery: Ornaments that Echo Your Faith

Christian symbols have been used widely in jewellery designs throughout history for communicating messages of faith. It is believed that these ornate pieces of jewellery take the worshiper much closer to God. These timeless symbols continue to resonate with the faithful, and you can find them in BlueStone’s Christian jewellery collection available in a wide array of faith-inspired styles in the form of rings, pendants, and more. From subtle designs to elaborate pieces, you can buy Christian jewellery designs to remind you of your love for God and your cherished beliefs. We believe that everyone worships in unique ways and should have the option to display their faith in the form of fine Christian jewellery.

Timeless Stories of Redemption in the Form of Fine Jewellery

The history of Christian jewellery dates back to early centuries, as early as the fourth century A.D. It is since then that art, sculpture, and bodily adornments started explicitly having references to Jesus. This was the time when the symbol of the Christ’s cross emerged on jewellery as well. Gold was a rarity at that time, which is why the wealthy and the affluent used “goldsmithing” to decorate their bodies with religious affiliation or Christian jewellery. And those who couldn’t afford to indulge in this art of metalworking, used cross adornments made of sticks or leather.

There are much more evidences of Christian jewellery throughout history as symbols of protection against evil spirits and as ways to pay tribute to Jesus. It is believed that Godfrey de Bouillon, the man who helped the Christians capture Jerusalem in 1099 and led them to victory, wore a cross pendant that went on to become the symbol of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Roman emperor, Charlemagne, owned a precious and one of the most popular pieces of fine Christian jewellery — a sapphire and gold pendant with pieces of the True Cross and Christ’s crown of thorns. He had called the pendant the Warrior as it was worn in battles.

Get Closer to God and Express Faith through Christian Jewellery Designs

Worshippers express themselves in many ways. While ancient traditions are here to stay, modern worshippers have more choices of expressing their belief and faith in God through intricately designed, modern Christian jewellery. The cross was and still remains one of the most popular designs. However, there are a variety of symbols that are now available in this genre of jewellery design. If faith can move mountains, then jewellery can too.

Christian jewellery is popular not only with young Christians who love jewellery, but it is also loved by the older generation of devout worshippers. The adoption of this range of jewellery by Christians worldwide is a testament to the historical tradition of depicting faith through different symbols. The different materials that are now used to make Christian jewellery are a testimony to the evolution of ancient traditions with changing times.

BlueStone’s Christian Jewellery Combines Fashion with Faith

Other than being symbols of faith, pieces of Christian jewellery are prominent ornaments that make a style statement. Let your choice of jewellery reflect who you are with exquisite pieces available at BlueStone at competitive Christian jewellery prices. The pieces in our collection of Christian jewellery also make for great gifts that are well-received by the lovers of Christ. You can buy Christian jewellery online as gifts for special occasions, such as birthday, baptism, Holy Communion, and more. Wear one or more of these pieces of jewellery or give them as gifts, they are sure to be conversation starters.

Our collection of Christian jewellery includes the Divine Messenger Pendant. It is a simple yet stunning pendant made of 18kt gold featuring a column of multiple brilliant cut diamonds. Similarly, the Messiah Pendant is made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds on its cross silhouette. The Divine Mary Pendant features Mother Mary embracing Baby Jesus in her arms. It is crafted from 18kt gold with rhodium-plated segments that complement its overall look and a diamond-studded segment that give it a halo-like charm.

The Celtic Cross Pendant is made of 18kt gold and features a diamond-studded design that resembles the Celtic cross, a symbol that holds much symbolic implication in Christian theology. The Holy Cross Ring is a must have for all Christian jewellery lovers with its simple 18kt body and diamond-studded cross-shaped top. Take a pick from these and more; we have created these pieces of timeless elegance exclusively for you.

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