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Plain Gold/Platinum Mangalsutra

Plain Gold Mangalsutra Designs: Plain yet Splendid

For a married Hindu woman in India, her mangalsutra is one of the most prized possessions. Traditionally, once a husband ties the mangalsutra around his wife’s neck on their wedding day, the mangalsutra is meant to be worn throughout the woman’s lifetime. The word mangalsutra itself can be translated as sacred thread or cord. Today not all women wear their mangalsutras every day but this is the first piece of jewellery to come out on a festive occasion or family celebration. A mangalsutra may be long or short and while the chain itself is simple, the pendant is where a woman can make a style statement. Take a look at the designs available today and you will be amazed at the range and variety of this traditional trinket. While diamond and gemstone varieties of mangalsutras are exploding in popularity, the plain gold mangalsutras are still favoured by modern women. As a tribute to your love for plain gold, we at BlueStone offer a glittering range of plain gold mangalsutra designs.

Why Do Women Wear a Mangalsutra?

For most married Indian women, the mangalsutra is the equivalent of a wedding ring. However, it is not worn only to speak of a woman’s marital status. Many women believe that wearing a mangalsutra protects their husbands against misfortune and keeps them safe. The black beads of the mangalsutra chain are said to represent the different forms of primal energy and absorb any negative energy directed towards the woman or her husband. If you are looking for a mangalsutra design to wear every day, plain gold designs are your best bet. Compared to its diamond or gemstone counterparts, a plain gold mangalsutra is easy to wear and maintain.

Plain Gold Mangalsutra Designs with Floral Themes

Most love stories have an anecdote or two about flowers the man gave the woman while they were courting each other. Thus, the floral theme is very popular when it comes to mangalsutra designs. BlueStone’s plain gold mangalsutra collection includes stunning pieces made in the floral theme. These range from simple designs like the Pratiti Mangalsutra and the Anvita Mangalsutra to more elaborate designs like the Wondorous Vow Mangalsutra. Floral mangalsutra pendants could be made purely in gold or in a combination with rhodium plating to help highlight the motifs.

 Buy Plain Gold Mangalsutra Designs That Make Your Heart Beat Faster

What is the universally accepted symbol of love? The answer, of course, is hearts. Thus, when the mangalsutra symbolises a bond of love between a husband and a wide, how can the heart motif be left aside? That’s why the designers at BlueStone have come up with an exciting range of mangalsutras that uses the heart symbol. The Prithika Mangalsutra and the Rujula Mangalsutra are two of our most popular gold mangalsutra designs with a heart motif. While the first design has a quiet, delicate appeal the Rujula Mangalsutra speaks of a more contemporary style which makes younger women lean towards it.

Knotted Mangalsutra Designs: Buy Mangalsutra Designs Online from BlueStone

Getting married is often termed as tying the knot. Thus, a knot or overlapping ends are an apt motif for a mangalsutra pendant. The knotted patterns in our collection are simply beautiful. Most of them are designed in the dual tone setting, with rhodium plated segments highlighting the plain gold charm of the pieces. They range from simple designs like the Rebha Mangalsutra to more ornate designs like the Ashlesha Mangalsutra. The Krithika Mangalsutra is a classic style that never grows old while the Samali Mangalsutra has a more abstract style.

Traditional vs Modern: What’s Your Pick?

India is a large country and the mangalsutra has different variants along the length and breadth of the country. Many places have their regional variants of the traditional mangalsutra, but the trends are fast changing. We at BlueStone seek to cater to the changing requirements of modern women through our eclectic collection of mangalsutra designs. While some women opt for traditional plain gold styles like the Prakriti Mangalsutra, others may pick something a little more modern along the lines of the Ranya Mangalsutra. Traditional designs usually focus on floral or geometric themes and often include bead-like detailing as you can see on the Kavya Mangalsutra.

How to Buy Plain Gold Mangalsutra Online

Shopping for a wedding can be chaotic and given the importance of a mangalsutra, finding the right one is a top priority. Thankfully, you no longer need to make countless trips to various jewellery shops to find the perfect one. At BlueStone, we have a number of different designs and style that cater to varying budgets and style preferences. What makes shopping with us such a pleasure is that we combine the comfort of shopping from your home with the option to physically try on a piece before you buy it. For example, if you liked both the Yashodhara Mangalsutra and the Arpana Mangalsutra, we could send the pieces home for you to try on and see which one suited you more.

Additionally, we also give you the opportunity to customise your jewellery. Very often you may fall in love with a design only to realise that it is over your budget or you wish it were available in another colour. For example, you may love the Varini Mangalsutra but may not very comfortable wearing gold and hence could customise the piece to be made in white gold instead. While there is no charge for customising a design, you may see that changing the design from gold to white gold or lowering the carat value affects plain gold mangalsutra prices to a considerable extent. Likewise, you can also get a 22kt mangalsutra design customised in 18kt or 14kt gold, which significantly lowers its price. So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect mangalsutra for your wedding today!

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