Jewellery Care Tips & Advice

Generic Jewellery Care

jewellery is a considerable financial and emotional investment and hence requires a certain amount of care in order to keep looking its best. Here's a quick checklist of Do's and Don'ts that will... Read More

Polishing a Diamond Ring

The Need to Polish your Diamond Ring Often, a diamond ring is one of the most important, even if not the most expensive, purchases a husband makes for his wife.  If you wear your diamond ring... Read More

How to Take Care of Diamonds

The main feature of any diamond jewellery is the sparkle. So, how do you keep your stones from losing their color and sparkle? Read on to find how you can keep your diamonds bright and shiny.... Read More

Some Tips on Storing Jewellery

Now that you have bought all the jewellery you wanted to, where and how do you store them? Keeping all your jewellery in a single box or place can cause all of them to be tangled and might also damage... Read More