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Discover a Wonderful World of Only Metal Bracelets

Bracelets are versatile pieces of jewellery that have adorned the wrists of many women and men through the ages. Popular personalities have led by example when it comes to accessorising with the most fashionable jewellery. From Cleopatra to Marylin Monroe, women across centuries in history have popularised bracelets as one of the most preferred decorative accessories. You can effortlessly add a touch of oomph and glamour to your look by pairing your attire with one of the many only metal bracelet designs available at BlueStone. Our extensive collection of only metal bracelets has something for everyone.

Enhancing the Beauty of Wrists Since Ages

Derived from the Latin word “brachile”, which means “of the arm”, bracelets have been adorned throughout history to draw attention to the beauty of the wearer’s wrists and hands. The use of bracelets as jewellery dates back to as early as 7,500 B.C. as per archaeologists who found an obsidian bracelet in Turkey. The excellent craftsmanship behind the 9,500-year-old bracelet makes them believe that it wasn’t the first of its kind. Ancient Egyptians are also believed to have worn bracelets since 5,000 B.C.

Many cultures around the world have embraced the beauty and versatility of this accessory throughout the ages. During different times in history, bracelets were made using a variety of materials, which ranged from cloth, leather, metal, shells, etc., and adorned with a wide variety of materials, such as rocks, crystals, jewels, and more. They were worn not only for the beauty they lent but also for different beliefs. For example, the ancient Egyptians made bracelets from bones, wood, and stones to symbolise spiritual or religious interests. While the symbolism of bracelets is widespread throughout history, they continue to be loved by one and all as the best fashion accessories.

Innovative Designs Handcrafted for You

Among the many materials used to make bracelets nowadays, gold is the most popular of all. At BlueStone, you will be spoilt for choice when you buy only metal bracelet designs. We have handpicked a beautiful selection of metal bracelets featuring plain metal pieces to those with intricately carved designs. We also have bracelets with enchanting charms dangling beautifully. You can choose the purity of gold used for making the bracelets of your choice, 22kt or 18kt, without worrying about the price. We offer attractive only metal bracelet prices that are light on your pocket. Browse our collection for unique designs handcrafted keeping your sense of style in mind.

Elevate Your Style with Contemporary Bracelets

The best thing about the bracelets in our extensive collection for women and men is that they can be worn with almost everything in your wardrobe. You can mix and match them with a traditional attire for festive occasions or with plain officewear without going overboard with bling. The subtle yet sophisticated designs in our assortment are created to make you look effortlessly chic. If you want to buy only metal bracelets online for your everyday accessorising needs, you will find a plethora of simple pieces at BlueStone. Take a look at the Eternity Bracelet made of 22kt gold. It is an epitome of simplicity with a plain gold chain featuring interlinked infinity signs that signify the eternal charm of this bracelet. Amongst our collection of simple yet stunning bracelets also are the Sophie Bracelet, the Rylee Bracelet, and the Alena Heart Bracelet, all of which are made of 22kt gold and feature hearts in different designs attached to delicate golden chains.

You can transform the way you look and take special occasion dressing to the next level with our glamorous bracelets. If you decide to wear only one piece of jewellery, then it has to be the Olivia Bracelet or the Rachel Bracelet. Both of them are made of 22kt gold and feature a grand but unique design created to make a style statement. The Padmalakshmi Bracelet is a stunning piece of jewellery crafted from 22kt gold with lotus charms hanging on a glossy polished gold interlinked chain. The enchanting pieces in our collection also make for great gifts. The perfect gift you can give your brother on Rakshabandhan, or anytime you want, is the Beloved Bhai Bracelet. It is made of 22kt gold and carries a beautifully written “Bhai” motif on a thin gold chain. There are a lot more designs for you to choose from. Come, explore our range and grab your bracelet today.

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