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Wear Your Signature Style on Your Neck with 22k Mangalsutra Designs

As a visual marker of marital status, the mangalsutra is as dear to a married Hindu woman as a ring is to her western counterpart. While the connotations of the mangalsutra in Indian tradition have remained steadfast through ages, its style, designs, and fashion trends have changed largely with time. At BlueStone, we resonate with these changing trends and preferences and in our quest for excellence, we combine fashion with tradition and longstanding customs. That’s what you can see in our 22k mangalsutra designs. Classy yet contemporary, stylish yet true to the tradition, this collection stands out by dint of its blithe beauty and eye-catchy designs.

The Swarna Collection: Buy 22k Mangalsutras Online from BlueStone

The 22k mangalsutra designs we offer are part of our Swarna Collection which, as the name suggests, is a celebration of the yellow metal. Finesse, flair, and panache are what make the Swarna Collection standout. The mangalsutras featured under it are made of 22k gold, without any stone embellishments. But that doesn’t make them any less in style quotient or popularity.

When you buy 22k mangalsutra designs from us, you get to choose from a wide range of designs and styles. When looking for a traditional piece akin to the ones your mother or grandmother sported, you cannot miss the Kavya Mangalsutra. If a blend of tradition and style is what you want, we have fusion designs like the Tisya Mangalsutra. From timeless florals to trendy hearts, we have everything you need to display your wifedom with a heavy dose of bling.

Floral 22k Mangalsutra Designs: Of Blooms and Blossoms

Weddings and flowers – there’s something special about this combination that makes it a universal favourite. Well, now you can enjoy the beauty of blossoms not just on your wedding day but all through your married life with the floral mangalsutra designs we offer. Decked with the exquisiteness of nature, these neck ornaments brandish leaves, petals or charming little flowers as their inspiration.

The Anvita Mangalsutra is bathed in the beauty of flowers. It brings out the best of any attire and can be clubbed with a wide array of options from your wardrobe. You can rely on this plain gold mangalsutra on a special occasion and it will surely make you stand out. The Pratiti Mangalsutra and the Prakriti Mangalsutra are two similar designs that feature floral patterns woven in a single golden thread. Those who want an elaborate floral design can opt for the Yashodhara Mangalsutra.

The Contemporary Charm of Two Tone 22k Mangalsutra Designs

Plain gold ornaments are beautiful, no doubt about it. But aren’t there times when you long for a little more panache? Ladies, here you go. The two tone mangalsutra designs in our collection offer you just that. Made of gold and plated with rhodium, these designs radiate a contemporary charm that few other styles can match.

Take, for instance, the Prithika Mangalsutra with three bewitching hearts matted into its otherwise simple design. It can be brilliantly clubbed with your work attire to unleash your unmatched charm at work. And in case you are way too fond of it, you can save it for a special occasion too. Either way, this mangalsutra will ensure that your charming appeal never goes unnoticed. The Rujula Mangalsutra is no less in its charm. The appealing design of this piece mercilessly tugs at your heart’s strings and complements any attire in your wardrobe that you choose to pair it with.

When you get the look and feel of diamonds without actual diamonds being used on a mangalsutra, will you say no to it? We doubt it! Check our Rebha Mangalsutra. Did you think it has diamonds? We won’t blame you if you did. This piece features a unique dotted pave design which creates an illusion of diamonds. The Samali Mangalsutra, yet another fascinating design in this category, helps you unleash the fashionista in you. Get ready to get noticed with these unique and stylish two tone mangalsutras and welcome the whirlwind of compliments that come your way.

Buy 22k Mangalsutra Designs for Workwear and Everyday Use

Thanks to BlueStone, you can now buy 22k mangalsutra designs online that will get you noticed every day. These plain gold designs are lighter in weight compared to their stone-studded counterparts and hence are ideal for everyday wear and workwear.

In the Raina Mangalsutra, you have a stunning piece of jewellery that you can wear to your office to make heads turn. This trendy fusion design has a subtle tone that will perfectly complement your professional look. When you have the Varini Mangalsutra around your neck, dressing up for work is no longer a tedious task. You can fall back on this plain gold mangalsutra to do the work for you. When it comes to the daily dose of fabulous fashion, you can keep your options open with the Rohini Mangalsutra as well.

The 22k mangalsutra designs at BlueStone are meant to dress you in your best and brightest self. They are sleek, classy, and fashionable, and not to mention, affordable. We have kept our 22k mangalsutra prices as reasonable as possible. So explore the length and the breadth of the whole collection and pick a design that suits you the best.

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