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Rose Gold Pendant Designs: A Trend on the Rise

Does gold blush? Oh yes, and when it does, you get beautiful pieces of ornaments in rose gold. The very word rose gold would make many eyebrows rise in a mixture of astonishment and disbelief. From time immemorial, gold has been characterised by its yellow colour and glitter. But currently, ornaments made of rose gold are right on trend and they give your jewellery collection a stylist twist. Though all kinds of jewellery can be crafted using rose gold, pendants look exceptionally chic and graceful when designed in pink hues. That’s precisely why rose gold pendant designs enjoy the spotlight in the jewellery industry today. At BlueStone, we bring to you a great range of pendant designs that radiate the warm and whimsical look and feel of rose gold.

Everything You Should Know About Rose Gold

A little bit of background information and history is in order before you buy rose gold pendant designs. Also known by other names such as rose gold, red gold, or blush gold, rose gold is an alloy made from a blend of gold and copper. Typically, 18kt rose gold contains 75% gold, 20% copper, and 5% silver. True to the name, it has a warm pink colour and ornaments made using this alloy carry a whimsical look as well as romantic warmth.

If you think rose gold is a brand new trend in the jewellery industry, you are clearly in for a surprise. Ornaments made of rose gold were popular with Russian royalty during the early nineteenth century and unsurprisingly, rose gold was once referred to as Russian Gold. Jewellery designers’ interest in this alloy was revived in the first quarter of the twentieth century and rose gold was widely used to make wedding bands. The trinity ring designed by Louis Cartier, a French designer, in 1924 featured three bands of which one was made of rose gold.

Rose Gold Pendant Designs: Express Yourself Differently

If you want to express your style in a different and charming way, pendants made of rose gold are your best bet. They not only look surprisingly fanciful but also upgrade your style quotient to a different height altogether. Pink jewellery designs might be hard to find in the traditional collections of offline jewellers and that’s why BlueStone brings to you a fabulous array of pendants made of 18kt rose gold.

The coolest thing about rose gold is that it is exceptionally ideal for expressing certain themes and patterns. For instance, pendants made in the floral theme or foliage patterns are remarkably beautiful when accompanied by the warmth of the pink hue. Take a look at the Charming Tulip Pendant in BlueStone’s collection and you will, for a moment, wonder whether it was plucked right from a tulip field. The Delicate Dahlia Pendant, the Summer Rose Pendant, and the Earthy Tulip Pendant are some of the hot-selling pieces in our collection and they will enchant you with their timeless beauty.

Of Hearts and Wings: Buy Rose Gold Pendants Online from BlueStone

If you want to wear a creative expression of the heart shape on your neck, what colour better suits it than the romantic tone of pink? The resourceful designers at BlueStone have crafted a unique range of heart pendants in 18kt rose gold. When you want to offer a piece of your heart to your loved ones, not literally but symbolically, choose our Greshma Heart Pendant or Shana Heart Pendant. The Cher Pendant is an exquisite piece in our collection that combines the romantic feel of the heart shape and the timeless beauty of the floral theme. The Isolt Pendant, which features the heart shape and the infinity symbol, will mesmerise you with its design innovation. The Tia True Love Pendant and the Antonia Pendant are also some of the popular picks of our customers.

Besides these, you can buy rose gold pendant designs in the shape of butterflies. Give wings to your fashion and make an appealing style statement with our Anna Butterfly Pendant and the Maxima Butterfly Pendant. The warm and vintage tone of rose gold finds elegant expressions in many of our signature items that include the Cyntia Butterfly Pendant and the Lorenna Butterfly Pendant.

Give a Different Shade to Your Faith with Rose Gold Religious Pendants

Tired of wearing religious pendants in yellow or white gold? Then give your faith a different shade by choosing our rose gold religious pendants. The Abel Cross Pendant and the Adalia Cross Pendant are excellent pieces of craftsmanship that double as an expression of faith and a fashion statement. The Omkara Pendant, another popular piece in our collection, will add an undeniable wow factor to your jewellery collection.

Our rose gold pendants’ prices are highly affordable and competitive and you don’t have to think twice to make that piece of blushing gold your own.

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