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Three Meanings, Two People, and One Ring: Trinity Ring Designs

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring or wedding ring, it is nearly impossible to find two people with the exact same preferences. From the metal and design of the ring to the type and number of stones embedded in it, people’s preferences vary and so do their picks. Many go for trendy platinum rings or the classic band rings while some don’t settle for anything less than solitaire rings for their special moment. But some others look for a ring that perfectly captures the symbolism of the moment. The engagement or wedding is indeed a significant moment that brings two individual’s past, present, and future together; a moment that marks the beginning of friendship, commitment, and love. Jewellery makers have long understood the overwhelming symbolism of such a moment, and that’s why they came up with trinity ring designs.

Know trinity ring designs, know your ring

First things first! What is a trinity ring and what is the symbolism it carries? In the world of jewellery, there are three different designs that go by the name ‘trinity ring’ and the meaning of each ring is different from the other. Of these three, the one with the longest tradition and history is the Celtic trinity ring. A typical ring made in this design features a Triquetra Celtic Knot - the traditional Irish symbol where three interwoven leaf-like shapes come together to form an inseparable loop. Trinity rings with the traditional Celtic knot, however, are not widely used in the jewellery industry and they don’t enjoy as much popularity as the other two types – the Cartier trinity ring and the triple stone trinity ring.

Three bands, three colours, and one design: The Cartier trinity ring

Those who are smitten by the beauty and symbolism of contemporary trinity rings owe their debt of gratitude to Louis Cartier, the French designer who created a timeless design which later came to be known as the Trinity de Cartier. In the year 1924, Cartier created a collection of rings featuring three interlocking bands made of gold, white gold, and rose gold. Cartier didn’t pick these colours randomly but for a purpose - yellow stood for fidelity, white for friendship, and pink for love. For a ring that represents the everlasting conjugal bond, such a design and choice of colours were nothing less than absolute brilliance.

The original design of Cartier underwent several changes since its inception. When you buy trinity ring designs today, you will find the stone-studded variants and creative interpretations of the classic Cartier ring. For instance, take a look at the Maidel Ring and the Eternal Serenade Ring in BlueStone’s trinity ring collection. The former features a stone-studded white band interlocked with yellow and pink bands while the latter is a stylish interpretation of the Cartier design with three small stones embedded in it.

Triple stone trinity ring designs: Conjugal symbolism at its best

Besides the Celtic and the Cartier designs, there is another variant of the trinity ring – the triple stone trinity ring, which is also known as the trilogy ring. As the name suggests, a triple stone trinity ring features three stones at its centre and they represent the past, present, and the future. In a typical triple stone ring, the stone that symbolises the present is placed in the middle of the other two stones, and it is bigger than the other two. Such rings commonly use three diamonds but rings made with precious stones are also quite common these days. When you buy trinity rings online, you can also find pieces that use three equally sized stones.

Buy trinity ring designs from BlueStone

As with all other collections at BlueStone, our trinity ring designs are also characterised by their beauty and craftsmanship. We have a great array of triple stone rings made of white gold and gold in our display. The Triad Flourish Ring and the Aurora Flourish Ring are some of our fast-selling pieces in gold while the Sian Ring and the Clara Ring are popular with lovers of white gold. If you want a dash of colour on your ring, you can go for the Flavia Ring which uses three red garnets. The Rosalia Ring features a large ruby at the centre and two tiny diamonds are placed on either side of the central stone.

Our trinity rings’ prices are easy on your pocket and we have offers and deals on a selected range of rings. Three meanings, two people, and one ring! The trinity ring, no doubt, is a poem crafted in gold.

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